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How cyborg would you be willing to go?

Asked by ETpro (34428points) January 17th, 2013

I am confident that if we don’t destroy ourselves with our current technology, the day will soon come when we can, should we so choose, enhance ourselves with cybernetic implants. Consider the crowd in a typical Starbucks Cafe. There may be one or two people there without a smartphone, tablet or notebook pulled out, but nearly everyone is jacked into some form of WiFi connection. Folks with the smallest devices are madly twiddling their thumbs to Tweet that they are drinking latte at Starbucks, yada, yada. Why twiddle your thumbs to text when a cybernetic implant could hook your brain directly to the processor in your smart device?

Google’s working on the Google glasses. What’s up with heads up display when you can go to in-head display instead? Of course, such connectivity brings with it the need for antiviral protection of a whole new level if our own brain is what would get infected when some hacker tricks us into clicking a malware link. But this, too, technology can solve.

My guess is before we tackle deep space exploration, we will learn to port our sentience and memories directly into a robot that can withstand the harsh, radiation filled environment of space and live for thousands or millions of years.

What sort of cybernetic improvements would you welcome, and which would you resist. What do you imagine for a future in which we become part cyborgs?

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