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Can you believe Fox News just hired Dennis Kucinich as a contributor?

Asked by ETpro (34428points) January 17th, 2013

Yes, that Dennis Kucinich, the left-wing part of the Tao that Ron Paul anchored on the far-right. Fox has hired him! Given him a multi-year contract! He will debut on The O’Reilly Factor first.

Do you think they will ever let him have free reign to express his opinions? My guess is they plan to use him as the liberal foil to wind up their far-right audience, and then let their pundits always have the final word. What’s your guess?

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No! I don’t believe anything Fox does or says!

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Ha! Ya gotta admit, though. This is a new high in unbelievability. :-)

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I am surprised that he went to work for FOX… but then most people have a price.

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He’ll have to bring his wife along to each discussion, just for decoration.
Fox is probably trying to bring in other points of view to keep things balanced. Should be interesting to see what arguments ensue.

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@Linda_Owl Right? That’s what I’m saying.

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I say they just did that to maintain the facade of being “fair and balanced”.
In practice he is most likely only the token nig lefty that gets shouted down in scripted discussions.

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An interesting gambit. Let’s see how long it lasts.

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Ka-razy. I look forward to seeing what this will look like.

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Unusual, but not unprecedented. My brother-in-law spent about 5 years working for Fox News, and in a prominent, visible position. BIL is about as liberal and progressive as anyone you’ll ever meet. Fox often used him as its poster child for appearing balanced and tolerant.

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@ETpro, this is why I hardly ever participate in the political discussions you start here. Because I never know what to add after you put in your “best guess” at the end of the question!!!

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But, if you post a TGIF NSFW question about Dennis Kucinich tomorrow, I promise to participate.

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Kucinich is how FOX sees the Left: He is tiny and meek. It doesn’t matter what he says, since they won’t be listening to him.

His wife is a major babe, though

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As far left as Kucinich is, it will give Fox an opportunity to paint all dems that way. Whatever, he cannot fail to get at least a few points across during his tenure. It should be interesting.

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I agree with @glacial that Fox will try to make Kucinich the face of the Democratic party. Fox hosts win; the rest of the country loses.

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I kind of liken it to when Pat Buchanan was a regular contributor on MSNBC. I used to think he was this crazy zealot, and when he was chatting with Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow, he was certainly used as the “devils advocate” position for them, but after he’d been on there awhile, he kind of grew on me and he seemed to have softened his right wing ideals a wee bit. He was quite funny too. So maybe Fox is kind of trying to do something similar, but I doubt it. They’re probably just using him as someone who is sooooooooo far out there, that it will make the rest of us liberals seem exactly like him.

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@Linda_Owl I think it’s much more noble of him to cash in on this political experience in this way than in the usual route, through the revolving door into being a lobbyist.

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@Sunny2 Fox would definitely welcome her. When you look at most of their female commentators, you find it amazing they allow Ann Coulter to have airtime.

@ragingloli I’ll be amazed if such is not the case. Another Hannity and Colmes.

@skfinkel It’s a multi-year contract, so it he gets the axe in the first week, he’s the big winner.

@glacial Oh, so am I.

@PaulSadieMartin Very cool. Good for him.

@bookish1 Well, you aren’t exactly immersed in US politics right now, so not to worry. I do have a good TGIF in mind for tomorrow oops. today. But it doesn’t besmirch Rep. Kucinich’s character. It just lays bare my own slutty nature.

@glacial & @bossob Excellent point. Fox may be a lousy news organization, but as political propagand machine for the RNC, they are dynamite powerful.

@Kardamom Yeah, at least Pat Buchanan has a good sense of humor and a fully functioning brain.

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Can you believe Fox News


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Kucinich is a pretty smart, decent person. I guess that Fox is trying to show that it’s fair and balanced. I doubt that he will be on that station for the entire duration of his contract because he has the unfortunate (for Fox) habit of telling the truth. I believe that the truth will set him free from Fox News in the near future.

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Well, ever since Alan Colmes left Hannity in the dust, I assume they were trying to find a replacement.

Let’s see how long Kucinich can delude himself that they really are listening to him and value his opinions.

Colmes had a pretty good run. Anybody wanna take bets on how long K will last?

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Kucinich is not who I would call an establishment Democrat, so maybe they feel he’ll take a shot at his own party on occasion like Paul does with his Republicans. Faux is not pro Paul or pro Kucinich, but Faux are supporters of establishment neoconservative rhetoric.

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