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Boiled shrimp is four days old: Is it safe to eat?

Asked by jca (35976points) January 17th, 2013

I bought boiled shrimp at Costco on Sunday. It’s been in the refrigerator wrapped up since then. Tonight is Thursday and I need something for dinner. Is it safe to eat, do you think?

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I would not eat them.

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One day is the limit for shrimp for me. They don’t hold up well

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I’m always super-careful about seafood. 6 days… I wouldn’t eat ‘em, I really wouldn’t.

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I am sort of from the school of, if you have to ask the question, the answer is probably no.

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I wouldn’t, and especially do not serve them with peas porridge that is 9 days old. :-/

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Sunday to Thursday is 5 days, the dividing line between yes or no. How does it smell? Trust your nose. If it has kind of a film on it, no. Otherwise, wash them off and heat them up to serve them. (I’m a great risk taker when it comes to what to eat when. I’ve never had a problem, but there were times I knew I’d better be ready to hurry to the hospital, if I was wrong.

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I am very picky about leftover meats and fish.
If I don’t eat them within 24–48 hours tops, they go to the cats or the raccoons over here.
I have a frugal friend that always gives me leftovers, and while most of it is good, I am skeptical of how long she says she has kept something at times.
I have realized that every time I eat something she gives me I am paranoid for about 3 hours. lol

I have a terrible fear of food poisoning. Weird leftovers are my only OCD issue. haha

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I wouldn’t. Not worth the risk of getting a nasty case of food poisoning.

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I’d err on the side of caution and toss it. I tend to think more towards, “when in doubt, throw it out,” rather than risking it just for the sake of not wasting a bit of food. Seafood especially does not tend to last very long unless it is frozen.

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I had a vicious case of food poisoning a few years ago, probably E coli. I lay on the floor and only got up to expel things, if you get my drift. I don’t ask any questions now. if I have a question it’s going in the trash.

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OK, I ate it (yes, I’m brave). That was four hours ago and so far, so good.

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Good for you! I hope you make it through the night. You certainly went against the public opinion you met here.

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Shrimp and other fish have an automatic signaling system for when it’s not safe to eat.

The first clue is the smell. If it’s past the safety point, the smell will be so bad that you would lose all desire to eat it.

Secondly, there’s a sliminess coating it which is also off putting enough that no matter how hungry someone is , you just can’t get past it.

If neither are present, you’re good to go. I always have relied on my nose and it hasn’t failed me yet :)

PS Raw shrimp spoils MUCH faster than cooked so the date guidelines given are basically pretty accurate.

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Yeah I smelled it and felt it and it was fine, which was why I chose to eat it. It’s now been over 12 hours and I’m fine.

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Yeah, when you mentioned that it was already cooked and (presumably) under continuous refrigeraton, I figured it would likely be just fine.

And if it weren’t, the smell would knock you across the room :)

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I’m thinking you should get a Fluther badge for shrimp bravery or something. Bravery in the face of overwhelming opposition. LOL

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@jca you really wanted those prawns didn’t you? Glad you are okay. I have had food poisoning from seafood so I treat it with kid gloves. The food I had was cooked by someone else so I have no idea what signs were evident before it was cooked but the outcome was me wanting to curl up and die.

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My mother says you can still eat it till four-six days after you boiled it, so it should still be good.

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That really is the key. What condition was it in before it was cooked by whichever unknown person?

I have gotten food poisoning from eating out. I have never gotten food poisoning from whatever I’ve eaten at home.

I also avoid buying those “Managers Special” deals at the grocery store of items almost past date.

I also stay away from those pre-seasoned raw chicken or beef packages being sold “for your convenience”.

That’s total BS. They take the items past their due date, disguise them with strong seasoning to cover up any telltale odor, and repackage with a newer fresh date.

It’s not that horribly “inconvenient” for me to take the few seconds to do my own seasoning so I know exactly how fresh my food is :)

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