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What words do you relish?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30384points) January 18th, 2013

Are there words you like the taste of? Perhaps there are certain ones that tickle your ear.

I like “lull.” I enjoy feeling the shapes my tongue makes. There’s the slight rush of air out of my mouth. It’s delicious.

What words do you like because of their sound or taste or feel?

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Of course, if anyone says “shit” at this one, I shall be surprised

My favourite is juxtaposition. For some weird reason I know not why.

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oxy moron. it’s a love hate thing really.

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Many, but the one that leaps to mind this morning is… custard. For me it conjures up an image of sweetness and comfort and pleasant childhood memories.

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Right now, “gravy”. Can’t help it after you said “relish” and just last night, I had this steak at a Mexican restaurant covered in this really delicious garlic sauce. : )

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@rojo It means surprised or struck dumb by something. English vernacular.

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I really love the words flummoxed, persnickety, and knickers.

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Lap. I like the way every bit of my mouth get a slow stretch when I say it just right. Lap. It has so many different meanings and can be said in so many different ways, but it doesn’t matter how you say it, it feels good. Lap.

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Ooze. Slurp. Squish. Mush. Muck. Splat. Chunk. Feathery. Drool. Tickle. Tinkle. Grunt. Screech, Squeal. Flap. Flutter. Roar.

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When you stop and allow a word to roll over your teeth and tongue, many everyday day words are quite pleasurable. I tend to like long words with L’s and m’s in them. mellifluous, lucidity, halelujah. Set them to music, and they’re even more enjoyable. In any language.

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Sesquipedalian tergiversation.

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“The evidence shows”

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I love “foibles” (and have many of my own!)

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I relish the word “relish.”

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I like French sounding words. Bourgeoise, rendezvous, repertoire, decolletage, cumquat.

I also like words like curmudgeonly, obstreperous and I can’t think of any others right now.

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Pultaceous. I thought of it while eating yogurt this morning.

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I finally thought of one, eponymous.

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I miss that guy

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Most of these sound vaguely nasty (“OOhh babe! Play with my foibles!” or “He drove that simpleton vicariously into my curmudgeon!”) that kind of thing.

Maybe it’s just me

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