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Japanese speakers -- what is Winter Child in Kanji?

Asked by Kokoro (1416points) January 18th, 2013

Thank you so much!

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I think it is 子

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Please tell me this isn’t for a tattoo.

I know what’ll be a good idea: I’m a Capricorn, so I’ll get “winter child” tattooed on me in Japanese (since I’m an “otaku”). But since I don’t actually read or speak Japanese, I’ll ask strangers on the Internet to tell me. Because the internet isn’t rife with the danger of people trying to have fun at the expense of others, and there’s no way I’ll end up with the Kanji version of “arseface” or worse.

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That is: ふゆこ (FUYUKO)
It would be interpreted as a female given name, rather than being taken literally.

If you wanted to specify an actual ”child of winter” you would use:
冬の子 (FUYUNOKO) but that literally means a child OF winter... Winter’s child.

Then you can also say 冬生まれ (ふゆうまれ/FUYUUMARE) to mean Winter-born.

I hope this is for an anime fansite handle, rather than a tattoo xP

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