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Ever taken any drugs? If so what? And how did it make you feel?

Asked by KeepYourEyesWideOpen (345points) January 18th, 2013

The only drugs I’ve ever taken were marijuana and cocaine. Marijuana made me feel really numb to reality, and every morning after I’d wake up, I wouldn’t remember the previous night or any of the people I talked to or what I even said. Honestly, it was scary after a while and it was affecting my personal relationships, so I stopped doing it. Cocaine made me feel invincible, but I wouldn’t pursue it any further because I know I would make it a recreational thing.

Very many thanks for all the responses received.

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I smoked pot a few times, and it just relaxed me. My sophomore year of high school, I was fried on acid for about 2 months straight. It also relaxed me, but it spaced me out a lot too, and I’d catch myself staring at breathing walls and melting furniture.

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I was a 70’s girl and yep, did it all, except heroin & meth.
Acid, hashish, opium, marijuana, peyote, mushrooms, cocaine, amyl nitrate.
The only drug I have really enjoyed is marijuana, and have returned to using it occasionally the last few years after 25–30 years of near abstinence. I enjoy it for it’s creative boost to my already highly creative brain.

Everything else is not good and I am grateful I didn’t end up with any serious drug problems from my wild, experimental youth in the era of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. It was a wild time, yes it was.

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I have tried most of it at some point or another, the only well known one I have not tried is heroin. To be honest, I find them all to be way way way over rated, with the exception of weed that is actually good.

Cocaine, I rather suck a lemon when I have a blocked nose, than pay 50 bucks for a similar feeling.

MDMA, it makes me very friendly and loving, but unpredictably violent at random, so I only ever did that one once.

LSD, is fine if you want to be scared out of your mind, and then not be able to leave your bed for 8 hours because the cross angles of the pattern keep guiding you back to the middle of the bed, maybe see your face melt in the mirror.

Shrooms, good if you are an astronaut on a long journey, and need a way to either go in to stasis or slow time down. To me all it really does is make a day a year long.

Alcohol, the worst of them all, it brings out your inner idiot and prevents you from being in control.

Salvia, worth trying once, a nice feeling of euphoria, some mild hallucination, but over all not really worth the price tag.

Speed, it is just left overs mixed together, to be avoided.

Uppers, a waste of time, a red bull and an hour in the gym leave me feeling the same, and it is healthier.

Legal highs, either a scam, a waste of time, or dangerous for your health.

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Hash, opium, pot, peyote, mushrooms. Stick to pot, and on special occasions, mushrooms. The rest not worth the effort.

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When I smoked, I smoked marijuana occasionally. When I got out of the military I quit smoking period. I suppose I could eat it. But in retrospect, getting high was just sort of escapist down time, and I have more constructive things to do even with my free time. So I figure that phase of my life has past.

I tried cocaine once and it also made me feel invincible. I did not think that was a healthy state to be in, since I already tend to feel mildly invincible. I appreciate my own self confidence, but a delusion can be dangerous, so I never tried that again.

I am not interested in stuff that may initiate an addiction. Life is an intriguing challenge, but why make it unpleasant by dirtying it up with the slavery of addiction?

But the answer to your question is it makes you feel good. That is why people do it. The problem is that drugs make you feel good, but fuck up the mind and body. Not good. Plus, they too often stick you into a culture of people who are sort of losers. The trick is to find ways to feel good that are actually enriching to the mind and body, and to surround yourself with people who actually inspire you to be better.

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Let’s just say I’m not a virgin, but true love is the best drug ever.

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Lots of alcohol for a couple of years. Looking back on it I know I acted stupid and now for decades I’ve lost all interest in it. Loved it at first, though, in high school. I was just crazy.
Pot 3 times. Once , the first time , I couldn’t stop laughing but I lost track of time which was unpleasant. No way I could have driven a car that day. The other two times were almost an out of body experience and one of those times I had been drinking then drove home. I guess it was risky and irresponsible.
I don’t know; I just have no interest at all in recreational drugs anymore. I feel repelled just thinking about them. But if I knew for certain pot would knock out anxious feelings completely I’d be willing to try it again. Otherwise, not interested. I am on a quest to improve my brain and memory; not to harm either one.

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My mother’s mantra all my life was ‘If it feels good do it!” and she encouraged me to try everything at least once, so I pretty much have.

The only thing I ever really liked was meth and mary jane, the rest messed with my control freak tendencies, especially shrooms and acid, bleck.

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Amanita Muscaria
Blue Lotus

As you can see I stick mostly to hallucinogens some of those listed above I’ve only tried once and will never do again like the 2C’s and Amanitas. Others I’m just not a huge fan of like MDMA. I prefer LSD. DMT is by far my favorite. I will say everyone reacts to hallucinogens differently so while quite a few of you in this thread mentioned lose of control on these substances, I experience the exact opposite. I am never in more control of my brain and my thought patterns as I am while on LSD. Its on of the reasons I love it so much, I can set my mind to a particular problem and just work through that.

I’ve never had a bad trip. I honestly don’t think its possible for me. This isn’t to say I’ve never had a dark trip. I have, I’ve had trips on DMT where I experienced what felt like the destruction of everything I knew and feeling like I was in a void alone for eternity. When I took amanitas everything got very dark and demonic. To most I guess this is where it’d get really dark and turn to a bad trip. For me, I have the ability to tell my brain this is just a drug, this will pass. As such I’ve never freaked out or anything like that. I think even in the very dark times of a trip there are lessons to be learned.

Lessons to be learned….That’s the reason I use hallucinogens. Its not “to get fucked up” Honestly I look down on people with this attitude with drugs, you give us all a bad name. To me, hallucinogens are to be used for spiritual and enlightening experiences.

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Ohhh I also should add that of that big ol list of drugs above, I never consumed any of them (exception being alcohol, caffeine and tobacco) without doing a ton of research on those drugs. I will never put something into my body without knowing exactly what its going to do to me. Education is key.

“Every individual reacts differently to every chemical.
Know your Body – Know your Mind – Know your Substance – Know your Source”

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Alcohol and caffeine. I can’t stand the smell of pot so I never wanted to try it. Anything else seemed too risky for me personally. If I can get addicted to a video game, I can’t imagine what something like cocaine would have been like.

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Since I am in recovery, you can figure i drank every type of alcohol I could get my hands on, and for every reason and occasion, so I can’t give a standard reaction. Let’s just say I always felt different.

Cocaine always made me feel hyper aware and focused and confident. But then I’d have to excuse myself ten minutes later to have another line.

Mushrooms were fun but I didn’t do much but stumble around or hangout. I took shrooms at an amusement park on Fourth of July, and the fireworks were wonderful, but we didn’t go on anymore rides that night.

And pot/weed/dope just kinda made me stoned all the time. Sometimes we’d giggle a lot, and sometimes it was fun. But it wasn’t very productive, and if I wanted to do something like work it made me stupid.

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@uberbatman I was going to answer like Sarah Palin, “All of ‘em.” Back in the crazy 60s and 70s, I went through the know alphabet soup.

But you’ve got a few on your list I missed. Aminita Muscara? That’s the fly agaric and is so called because it was used on fly paper to stupefy and kill flies. It’s poisonous, but only causes vomiting in low dosages. The Berserker chief used to do up a big load of it before a raid. He’d throw up the bad part, but then piss the active ingredient out. The top lieutenant consumed his effluent, not free of the emetic portion of the shroom. It thus passed through all the other Berserker warriors, each drinking the other’s spiked urine. That’s what put them into the trance-like state in which they fought.

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Smoked weed as a teen pretty regularly, for a while. I always liked it, but eventually, I don’t know what happened. I kept getting sick from it, and ended up throwing up. I mean this would happen all the time, so I eventually gave it up. Every now and then I did have some and it went well, but I just never took it up again. One of the things about weed is that it hits me way too hard. I mean it’s cool if you have a good time, but that’s four hours I could have spent doing something else. I don’t have a stick up my ass or anything, but in between that and getting sick most of the time, it’s not something I felt very strongly on keeping up. It DOES kick ass when you trip good though.

I did LSD too, which is awesome. I mean that’s something else entirely. A friend and I lost our LSD virginity together years ago, and it was great. We couldn’t stop laughing at everything, and a few scary things happened, and I’m pretty sure we caused a traffic accident. joking brah I loved the few experiences we had after that, but the last time I did it I tripped out so BAD I, I never went back to it. I would give it another chance, except it’s completely impossible to find around here. Granted, I’ve never made much of an attempt to look for it. I’m pretty sure I could find some if I really wanted to.

Did magic mushrooms once. It feels a LOT like LSD, but on a much lesser level. I understand there are many different types, too. Again I tripped out kind of bad with it, and I never went back to the mushrooms. Seems so similar to LSD that I figured, if I ever decide to give this type of stuff another chance, I’ll just go with LSD.

Did cocaine once. I gotta admit, that’s fucking awesome. I stayed away from it after though, just wanted the one experience. My dad did it often as a young man, and he often warned me against it. You can do it 50 times, but the one time it decides you’re going to be addicted to it, that’s you pretty much well fucked. Never went back to it, my dad instilled enough fear in me about this one drug. But I also did smoke crack, and I puked off a balcony haha. Maybe it was too much for my body, not sure.

Alcohol is a drug I know well, and what I did the most, I guess besides smokes and coffee.

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@ETpro Indeed it is. I was aware of this when I took it. Though I think I may have taken to much. I spent the whole night vomiting and with horrible diarrhea. For a good couple hours I was honestly convinced I had eaten too much and overdosed and was going to die. As fucked as that sounds, it was honestly one of my best trips. During that experience I came to grips with my mortality and accepted the possibility of death. Thats some pretty powerful stuff to wrap your mind around.

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I have, at time in my life, frequently smoked weed. It feels good and in my opinion, has very mild side effects. It makes me tired in the morning, and makes me procrastinate on things from time to time, but that’s the worst of it. It’s not addicting, and when I want to stop, I can stop.

I have taken Molly once, or MDMA, which is said to be the purest form of ecstasy. It made me feel great, and I was very friendly, outgoing, and felt not inhibitions. It was GREAT at the time. But it’s not something you can keep up. You’ll end up spending too much money, and making too many drastic decisions. I won’t do it again.

Marijuana, in my personal opinion, can be very harmless when smoked at the right time. But at a certain age, it’s time to quit.

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