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Which device shall I pick for presentations using a projector?

Asked by prasad (3841points) January 18th, 2013

I will be using it for teaching. Presently, I use the blackboard and the (VGA) projector for presenting my lectures. I do have a laptop and an iPod touch 3GS. I want to use my iPod touch instead of the laptop (one reason, it is insecure here to keep my laptop in my absences and second is ease of carrying. I can always carry the iPod in my pocket). I have found the VGA adapter that Apple provides, but it seems it is incompatible with iPod 3gs. If I buy the cable anyway, will that work with my iPod?

For presentations, I would need some apps too. For now, I will rely on iBooks. I can create my presentations on laptop, convert those to pdf and sync it to the iPod. I don’t know whether iBooks works fine for this purpose.

Lastly, I would like to know about the resolution. Will projected image be pixelated or as it is seen on the iPod screen? A little loss in resolution is alright, but images should not be too much blurred, pixelated or sloppy.

Apart from this, can you suggest me any other devices I can use to plug into the VGA of the projector and deliver the presentations? Can you suggest smartphones or anything else?

Thanks in advance.
I don’t have a smartphone.

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