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Do you think the iPhone 3G is worth the upgrade?

Asked by fortris (680points) June 9th, 2008

…or should I stick to my current one? I figure since it has more memory, is cheaper, faster and better than my current one, I see no reason not to upgrade, and for those of you who don’t know about the new one:

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I’ve had the current iPhone since day one (June 29th) It’s busted to hell, and I can’t wait to get rid of it.

• 3G is worth it alone
• New form factor + black and white
• Longer battery life
• Louder external speaker is worth it alone as well.
• Price. For the original $600 I payed, you could buy 2 16GB iPhones for the same price.

Could name a few more, but those are pretty much the basics.

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I am sticking with my current one for now. I don’t think the features warrant an upgrade for me right now. When the 32GB comes out, maybe I will do it then.

GPS: I don’t really use GPS on the phone (but I can definitely see how that could lead to richer apps on the phone which might make it worthwhile).

3G: I also hate the internet speed on it but it is decent enough for Gmail (over IMAP) and thats sufficient for me right now.

Real Reason: Once the 32GB one comes out, I will think about it—I have been burned once by the iPhone price drop and am not going to go running to get one immediately.

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@crunchaweezy I do have to correct one of your positives, the batterly lasts an hour shorter on 3G but that shouldn’t matter now that it loads 2.4 times as fast.
@atharkhan I only use 1GB, so memory isn’t an issue. Except for the App store, which might eat up MBs

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Standby was increased though.

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By a LOT I must add, and it was ridicuously long in the first place!

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I think that if you already have the iPhone, works good, you like it, you should keep it, how much will someone give for it if the new one is going to be half a price for ALMOST the same features? $50–100?? Now, if you dont have one (which we know you have it) it’ll be a good idea to get the new one… My point if view..

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I would get one, except that it’s what. 50 * 12 * 2 = $1200 and then $200…$1400 to use a cool phone for 2 years :/ I’ll stick to my crappy Verizon phone and my iPod Touch :p

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@2late2be AT&T Has a rebate plan for the original price minus 10% twards the new phone.

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I heard of people running pay as you go on the iPhone…can you do that?

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iPhone 3G plans will start at $10 more, so the smallest plan is $69.99 a raise from the original $59.99.

70 * 12 * 2 = $1,680

That’s excluding extras like unlimited texting ($15–20 more each month)

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Thanks. Thanks for rubbing it in. :]

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Well for the plan we have, we use barely any minutes, so we (I use a family plan with my dad) will actualy just downgrade and pay the same price.

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Current users are a different story, if you were to sign up for a brand new 2 year contract, you’re going to be spending at least $2,000 after the 2 years.

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Oh, shoot.

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Oh that’s not even including the fees

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You guys need to watch this:

Now I’m getting the new one just to have memory for all the apps.

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@atharkhan: what kind of price drop could there be? From $199? Or even $299? Can’t really go much lower than that, now can it? A $50 drop, maybe. But that’s not much.

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I think it’s worth it. Anyone want to give me $200? :)

@fortis: small point, but “storage” is different from “memory.”

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As I mentioned earlier, the one thing I care about is a louder speaker, but I’m really not hip on spending an additional $200 plus $120 for the extra data ($10×12 months—and I know it’s 24 months, but I’m assuming prices will be different after my original contract runs out in 12 months).

One way to look at it, though, is that if you can sell your 2G for $100 and factor in the $100 fanboi rebate, then you might could rationalize it as free upgrade.

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Ya I have the same prob, I only got my iPhone 2 months ago for €500 and now I would love to get the new one but should I?

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does anyone know if I will be able to send/text photos to people on the 3G?

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@PupnTaco Yeah yeah, but it’s still TECHNICHLY memory.
@kevbo AT&T is doing a rebate program for a discount minus 10% off the original price you paid twards a 3G.
@Melonking Read the responce to kevbo, and I think you should.
@judochop They did not enable photo texts in the 3G but I garentee there will be an app for it.

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@dpena: in a few months, the 32Gb or the 64GB will be selling for the same price as the 8GB. Thats what I mean.

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I doubt 64GB, why didn’t they come with a 32GB?

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I’m still considering it. I don’t really have $200 for it right now. The thing is, I’m perfectly happy with my iPhone EDGE. Now the speaker and headphone jack and slow data are a nuisance, but iPhone was well worth the $399 I paid for it. I don’t regret getting it at all. And a phone is a great thing to spend money on. I have it everywhere I go, use it for everything, all the time, and it’s one of the most useful devices in my life. So it wouldn’t be a waste of money. But I got mine in September. The thing is, I wouldn’t be surprised if a new iPhone is revealed next summer! We all know how often Apple makes a new version of…well…anything that’s is designed by apple in California! ;)

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Next summer? Try December.

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Only you know that. I know people that would not spend $50 on a phone but they’ll gamble $3000 in a couple of hours. My point: you give the value to things in life.

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@Notreallyhere VERY good point. I’m sticking to the sure things.

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Those are called addicts ;)

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You guys might find this interesting:
A friend of mine emailed that link to me in response to a blog post I wrote (

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