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Would anyone be interested in a scheduled chat?

Asked by diavolobella (7920points) January 18th, 2013

I’ve noticed preemptive attempts at chat several times recently, but I’ve always seen the chat invites too late and noticed I’m not the only one who has arrived in the chat room to find they are too late. A fitness site I’ve participated on for a long time used to have a regularly scheduled Friday night chat session that was quite popular. By a show of tentacles (or just a simple response), if there was a scheduled chat, would you be interested in attending?

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and if I don’t respond to answers right away, in 20 minutes I get in my car for a 50 mile commute home, but I’ll check in later

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Sounds like a good idea, but we just need to schedule it. If you guys want, I could make a special chat room for it.

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I would but with the time zone difference I am just about to call it a day. A nice idea though, I hope it takes off.

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I’d be more likely to participate if I knew there was a chat that was scheduled for the same time each day, or for the same time on the same day(s) of the week.

About the only things that would determine whether I chatted then, would be my schedule and who was chatting.

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I can’t type fast enough to participate, so I would not be interested, but thanks for suggesting it.

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What about Monday? Someone once posted a link to the frequency of visitors to this site on a daily basis, and Monday was constantly the day of the week where most people Fluthered, followed by Tuesday. I tried searching, and cannot find the link.

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I’m too shy

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I might try. I just don’t get chat though.

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Sure. As long as other people agree to it.

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I would say I would do it, but I know that would scare everyone else away. So I’ll promise not to. ;-)

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I like your idea, but I don’t know if it would work among Flutherites. We have an international community that covers much of the world; that’s part of the charm and value of this website. Is it do-able to schedule a chat with so many different time zones?

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I don’t hear so good at parties, what with all the chatter. I don’t hear so good at chats either, what with all the chatter!

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I have tried to merge in chat a few times, not really my thing, and I just tend to get swept away, it all just fizzles out in about 47 seconds and then I leave. haha

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The format of regular Fluther is the only thing that makes sense for most of us. Chat rooms are so fast and furious and really don’t get anyone any answers to anything. To me, it seems like a huge waste of time. That’s why, after the first and only 2 times I went into a chat room, I said, “No more!” I don’t get the point.

Regular Fluther is basically a chat room, but everyone gets to have their say, one person at at a time and there’s no cutting in line, but yet we all manage to have a good (and real) conversation.

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interested if time fits.

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Why not ?

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Current occupancy: 0 and 0.

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Sure….I’m there….

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Thanks for the responses. @Kardamom I don’t think it’s a huge waste of time since quite a few people have attempted to chat. Therefore, I assume they are interested in it and don’t view it that way. Those who don’t aren’t obliged to participate and I’m certainly not suggesting it as a replacement for regular Fluther Q&A, but as a way for those of us who are interesting in socializing with each other and getting to know each other better to do so.

I know we are a global community, so I would assume there could be more than one chat time set up for different people in different locations. I was only suggesting that, if quite a few of us are trying to chat and never catching each other in the chat room, maybe if we gave a time we’d try to be there we might succeed in chatting.

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I think it’s a great idea! I may or may not participate, but I’m sure there are several who would like to. You all decide on a day/time that works for you, and I’ll be happy to announce it on the site, the blog, and our FB page (if everyone would like that).

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I’m definitely interested! Lots of people miss the chat, so I think it’s certainly worth a shot!

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Sure if the time corresponds with my day. @wundayatta I don’t think anyone would be scared away. It might give everyone a very different view of you.

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@augustlan That’s great! Thank you. So I guess now we need to chime in on a suggested time. I know we can’t find a time that suits everyone, but it could be considered an experiment and if it goes well, maybe Jellies in other time zones will set up chat times too.

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There should be a few, for different schedules/time zones.

For example, I’m in the Eastern US, but I Fluther during normal business hours. So when the UK evening crowd is on, I’m on, and the Western US/Canada is still in bed. But when the Eastern US/Canada evening crowd is on, I’m at home with no interwebs, and the UK crowd is snoozing away (for the most part).

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