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How Well Does Chrome Follow You Across Computers & Other Devices?

Asked by gambitking (4194points) January 18th, 2013

Google and Chrome users, techies and geeks, help me out here.

I know Chrome has password saving features and ties in pretty well with most of the larger platforms, and of course with google service like Blogger, YouTube and Gmail.

So it’s pretty much as though if I sign in anywhere with my main google account, and I’m using my usual Chrome profile, all of my stuff is accessible more quickly.

But does that carry over across browsers on different machines?

For example, If I log into a blog from my Chrome at work (save passwords, etc) but I’ve never been there on my home computer, can I still just jump right into it?

I believe some stuff does carry over, some doesn’t, and I’m also wondering what the limitations are.

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I avoid that convenience. Imagine a hacker happens to crack a site you routinely visit or capture your login credentials to a site as you’re visiting it. That one site is compromised. Could be a pretty big problem if it’s your bank or a credit card account, but it’s just one site to deal with. Now imagine how much worse it is when a hacker finding one vulnerability on your system or any site you visit suddenly has the master key to open everything you do!

Thanks for the convenience Google, but no thanks. Managing separate user names and passwords ain’t that hard to do.

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My son worked on Chrome for mobile and I know if you log into your Google account on any device it should open all your data on your other devices. if there is a firewall at work, I would think that might not come across.

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It seems to follow me pretty well.

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Depends on what you need, but at least bookmarks, passwords and a lot of other things can be available on every Chrome instance you are signed into. Same for Firefox if you set up Firefox Sync. However, they do not sync across eachother – i.e. although you can sign in to Chrome you cannot sign in to Firefox Sync to get your Chrome bookmarks and downloads etc. (There might be extensions that do this though, if you want.)

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Google actually makes it easy for us. You have ot Click on the wrench and select options, then click on your personal stuff, then Click SYNC and log into your account. Go to other computer , but don’t customize anything. Click on the wrench again, then options, then personal stuff, then sync.. Sign in and immediately all of your settings, your bookmarks, your extensions and everything else will be available on the new computer.. Google makes everything easy..

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