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Help! I need to decorate a birthday cake Gangnam Style. Do you have any suggestions?

Asked by Aethelwine (41355points) January 19th, 2013

I have white frosting, food coloring, decorating tips, air heads and colored sprinkles in primary colors. This is for a girl who is turning 9.

Where do I start?

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You put it on the floor, and then you start prancing around on it like a horse.

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Practice doing a simple cartoon sketch of Psy in one of his famous dancing poses. Then do it after on top of the cake? Here is a link.

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Marizipan is your friend.

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Sunglasses, horses (on each side), a yellow car, an explosion…
judging from the parodies of the video those are the major visual motifs.

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Oh goodness, I wouldn’t even know where to begin on this one. I wish you much luck!

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Maybe include the number “135” some place, it is the post code of the exclusive Gangnam area.

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Maybe something like this face shot. (not sure what’s going on in the pink part there) : /
I’d make it a double layer cake and use real MIB shades if you have them.

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@jonsblond Post a pic after you’ve made it.
@Ela Great example!

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I was going to say something scathing & pisstaking, but it’s for a 9yr old girl, so instead i’ll just wish you good luck, hope she likes it :-)

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Have two cakes. One will be decorated, for show, and the other, without decorations, to serve, because obviously the first cake will have no taste.

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I would do something with a horse (or horses) and maybe a separate pair of sunglasses, since Psy wears sunglasses in the video. It’s a tough thing to do, because Gangnam Style is more a concept, and the song/video is Psy dancing with horses and girls, neither of which would be easy to recreate on a cake.

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You could also forget about visual images, and just write on the cake “Gangnam Style” and put some musical notes on it.

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Sunglasses on the cake, the name on it too, then either a pc with the youtube video or another recording of the song behind the cake.

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I really hope you come back and post a photo.

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Thanks everyone. Great ideas!

She decided to help decorate the cake. We were in a hurry but I think it turned out cute. She drew Psy and wrote Gangnam Style. Here it is.

Tonight’s party was just family. Her party with her friends will be in a week or two. We might make cupcakes and I’ll let her draw Psy’s face on each. We have more time to plan for that day.

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Haha! That is awesome.

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Love it!

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That’s a great cake! Congratulations to both of you. And Happy Birthday to Emily.

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