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You have two questions regarding medical issues. Who would you choose to answer?

Asked by Aster (18320points) January 19th, 2013

Let’s say you have two questions to ask regarding medical matters and your friends tell you, “check with your doctor.” Do you actually make an appointment and ask him or her or do you look up the answers on the internet? I would never , ever consider dragging myself to a medical professional with two questions. lol

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Internet. Like you, I’d never make a (pricey, time-consuming) medical appointment just to ask a couple of questions. What I learn on the internet might lead me to a health care professional, but I’d begin with an online search.

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Uhh for me it’s not about the number of questions, but severity of questions/concerns.

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My medical provider has a phone in nurse and a symptom checker, so I often do both.

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I’m with @Mariah. I’ve got a number of conditions which interact with each other and make me more vulnerable to other illnesses/infections. If I am worried enough and have timely questions, I would make an appointment. If the questions don’t seem very severe, I will just write them down and bring them up at my next scheduled appointment. Sometimes, if I need to contact the doctor quickly but don’t want to go in (question about dose change, etc.), I will leave a voicemail for them.

I confess I do look medical questions up on the internet, but it’s hard to find helpful information. So many websites, even legitimate-seeming ones, just contain the lowest common denominator type of information, and exist mainly for ad revenue.

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My primary care physician, bless him, has a site that allows patients to email him questions, and he replies very quickly. However, if I have a real concern about something, I never hesitate to make an appointment. Doing that is a longtime habit which really paid off last year. Another doctor told me to go home and not worry about something I was experiencing, but I knew something was wrong and immediately called my PC doctor, who was able top see me that afternoon. Pobably saved my life.

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I have an amazing medical team. I always rely on my doctors. My primary care physician would always get any questions. I trust her with everything.

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Depends what the questions are. If one of them is “Am I going to die tonight?”, I would call my doctor.

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I email my doctor the questions. Email is only a couple of years old. Before that, I call him and he calls me back with answers. If it’s an issue he thinks he needs to see me for, he tells me to make an appointment.

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I do both. I like to look things up in case I think of more questions as I get more information. Then I call my doctor and either talk over the phone or make an appointment.

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I research on the internet first, because sometimes, the thing bothering me can wait a day or two until I get an appointment. I can usually work out some possibilities beforehand, but there is no substitute for blood and other lab work. Right now, I am trying to deal with some loss of hearing in my right ear. I think it is associated with the colds I have been dealing with since early autumn here and feel as if there is some fluid build up where it shouldn’t be, but I will absolutely have to visit a doctor to have it checked, and perhaps even a specialist. It’s my hearing. I’m not going to mess about with it.

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I research first, then call my doc with the question (if I think it’s not urgent enough for a visit). His nurse calls me back with his answer(s), and will have me make an appointment if it’s necessary.

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I do research on the Net, but my doctor is always my final go-to. He could be wrong, of course (as was proved to me by the doctor mentioned above who misdiagnosed my condition), but I trust him over the Net, which is rife with misinformation.

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I am really lucky. I don’t have any questions. If I did I’d look it up on the Net. I supposedly get a physical every year so I might wait until I see my GP.

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I tend to look at the net which is mostly a bad move. I spent the better part of this year, on the net over a certain issue. I even asked a Net Doctor on Just Ask. What a bloody waste of time.

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