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Would all gods or any God do something to avoid being erased?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) January 19th, 2013

Merely hypothetical. What if a group of scientists developed the capability of erasing from every adult Earthling’s brains any memory of the human race having any religious beliefs ever and what if they also found a way to disintegrate all structures of worship, sacred texts, religious statues and icons…the whole world wakes up tomorrow seemingly all business as usual but without any trace of religious thought…would all the gods or any God do something about it-?

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Well, I am pretty sure that the abrahamic god would start murdering everyone.

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Read American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and see.

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It all depends on how you defined the god or gods. I will tell you this. The god of forgetfulness will be the god behind these scientists efforts!

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Any omnipotent being that seeks human recognition would never let that challenge develop to begin with. But then, any omnipotent being that seeks human recognition would have already made their existence so self evident scientists would not dream of starting such a project.

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Reminds me of a scene from a TV show.

Ted: Don’t worry, God still loves you.
Brian: Like I give a fuck what God thinks about me. He better be worried about what I think about him.
Michael: How do you figure that?
Brian: In all this cold dead universe, we’re the only ones that know he exists. Without us, he’s nothing.

Sounds about right to me. If no one believed in God, then he simply wouldn’t exist.

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The Gods must be crazy!

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No. The God I believe in gave knowledge and if we abuse that knowledge like we have and I’m certain He already knew we would and erase all human minds, He (being the God I pray to) is all knowing and would have knowledge of who truly believed in Him before their minds were erased. But I really don’t know. Maybe if all humans minds were to be erased then those souls were not going to be saved to begin with. The God I know follows all and already knows which path His children are going to choose. We are made in His image.

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How many Pantheons of gods have become nothing more than the source of fables? All it takes for a religion to die is for most of the faithful to stop believing. When the religion dies the gods die with it.

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Ha, ha, too simple. A true God could easily ruin any scientists plan to erase his existence being he is everywhere and knows everything before it happens. He would simply wipe their minds first. I’m not even a God and I figured that out.
So no need for murder. You would simply have some scientist walking around mumbling to themselves.

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Then the Norse gods would have an all out war with a bunch of techno gods. Ain’t nothing a hammer to the head can’t fix or…yeah dude, ever read American Gods? You gotta check that shit out man, it kicks ass.

But yeah, I figure if a god is a god, they can probably fix that with either the snap of their godly fingers, or by making you have sex with cats in your dreams.

@ragingloli Doesn’t that already happen?

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@Symbeline Been meaning to read that book. Just that after collecting and reading all his Sandman stories, I felt I took in all the Gaiman I could absorb for years. Sex with cats? Just how the heck did you know that that is one of the most painful dreams I’ve ever had? It’s him, right? Morpheus. Btw, confession. More often than not, I’ve imagined you looking like his sister, Death. : )

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did the cat dream make your tongue all sore?

But yeah, if you ever read just one last Gaiman book, this is the one you have to check out. It’s like that last shooter you thought you couldn’t take, but ends up being well worth it. :)

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Oh, was that related to a recent NSFW question I posted? Lol. Btw, a cat’s tongue is nasty. A dog’s tongue maybe sloppy and slimy but it tickles. A cat’s got spikes like a porcupine! Urrrgh. Yikes.

Ok. American Gods. Will do. Thanks.

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@mazingerz88 Yeah, I have two cats. Always had cats in my environment ever since I was little. Their tongues are weird, indeed. Like…sandpaper. that’s the book, not me

Hope you enjoy the book if you ever read it. :)

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Hope I didn’t offend your two former Egyptian gods. Heh. May have exaggerated on the porcupine spikes. But yeah, sandpaper. Spot on. I’m also terrified of their claws when they’re angry. And their battle cry. Ngiiyahhh!! Or something like that. I had a black cat once. Called him Wo-em. Reverse of meow, see. Re: American Gods. It will be either from Kindle or iBook. : )

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lol, Wo-em

And that whole dogs chase cats thing is a fallacy…a cat WILL kick a dog’s ass if it’s cornered. I’ve seen it happen, battle cry and all, and that isn’t the book XD

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My cat used to actively hunt dogs. She would sit in their favorite tree and wait for them to pause underneath to do their business. Hop on the head grab the ears and bunny kick the face down the street. Climb the next tree and wait for another dog for the return trip.

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It’s already being done.

Free will allows man to believe whatever he will. That includes willfully forgetting or denying That which created him.

At present, there is an ongoing effort to eliminate all knowledge or remembrance of any such Being.

Not too difficult to imagine a not too distant future where God “doesn’t exist”.

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I’d imagine any god worthy of the title would be responsible enough to use a rubber yes.

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At present, there is an ongoing effort to eliminate all knowledge or remembrance of any such Being.

Are we dealing with some kind of secret faction or something? :/

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@Symbeline You see it all around you. Been around for awhile. Nothing sinister…no big secret.

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@SABOTEUR No confirmation that it’s a big reality either. Extraordinary claims deserve extraordinary proofs. Stand and deliver, or stand down.

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@ETpro What extraordinary claims?

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@SABOTEUR You are claiming to know that man was created by a supernatural being and that many men have willfully forgotten that fact. That is an extraordinary, wildly fantastic claim. As such, it requires an extraordinary proof or it can be relegated to all the other phantasmagorical claims mankind has made about his origin with no proof those claims mean anything beyond a validation of the vivid imagination humans possess.

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That, and the fact that religion, and the belief of a, or several, supreme being/beings is nowhere near forgotten in like, pretty much the whole world.
Sorry @SABOTEUR but given that so many cultures everywhere hold a high importance to religion makes what you’re saying sound slightly outlandish. :/

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Given the difficulty the Chinese are having with eradicating Buddism from Tibet and tai chi from China proper, I doubt there will ever be a successful effort to entirely eliminate religion from the world.

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@ETpro lol! It may indeed be a fantastic claim!

What on Earth requires me to prove it to you or anyone else?

You are free to know, believe or disbelieve as you will.

As long as I don’t try to impose what I know or believe upon anyone else, it’s nobody’s business but mine.

If anyone attempts to force or dissuade be from observing what I know or believe, “we got problems”.

Amazing how that works!

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@WestRiverrat Interesting. A morning talk host recently shared how the Jews held a similar sentiment prior to Nazi Germany.

Given the extreme intolerance this country often displays, I wouldn’t take anything for granted.

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@SABOTEUR When you enter into a public forum and make a declaration, it becomes the business of those who participate in that forum. But not to worry, public forums can work poorly or well for debate, but they offer no way for one member to force another to know or believe anything—and even if Fluther did provide such—I would have no interest in using it.

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@ETpro Don’t get me wrong…I’m not questioning your right to challenge me. I’m just saying I don’t have to prove anything. The fact that I can’t is irrelevant. Doesn’t make the claim any less true, it just means I can’t prove it’s true.

And though it may be true that it’s impossible to entirely eliminate religion, you can create such a stigma around a belief or practice that it may as well be erased.

Why is this so hard to believe? An alien from another planet would hardly conclude the people who reside on this planet are moral or observe any religion at all. It’s not something that’s represented by our actions or how we treat each other. In fact, other than the persistence of some who loudly proclaim their convictions, there’s very little evidence that religion is practiced on this planet.

Or maybe religion is practiced, but the principles the religion is based on have been cast aside…or reinterpreted to fit vested interests.

So maybe the question is wrong. Maybe it’s not a question of whether God is erased…

…it’s probably more of a realization that God has already been forgotten.

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@SABOTEUR I think we are talking past one another. Let’s try this one more time. You originally wrote, “Free will allows man to believe whatever he will. That includes willfully forgetting or denying That which created him.” You are making the extraordinary claim that an undetectable and unprovable supernatural being created man, and that you know that to be true. You certainly don’t have to prove that, but please forgive me if I refuse to believe such a wild claim when the claimant refuses to offer any proof their assertion is true.

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@ETpro Ok. You’ve made it perfectly clear that you refuse to believe my claim because I cannot provide you proof.

Let’s change the subject for a minute. I submit that boiled pig’s feet tastes good. You disagree. How can I prove this to you if you don’t taste it? And if you taste it and don’t like it, who’s right and who’s wrong?

Can you go past an intellectual understanding of what it means to be a woman…or an Asian…or a stand up comedian? Unless you experience something in your life, it’s just opinion. An informed opinion, perhaps…but still opinion.

I cannot prove something to you that you have not experienced or are unwilling or unable to experience. The best I could do is attempt to satisfy your intellect.

Then again, if you experienced whatever it is, you would need no proof…

…or validation from anyone else to confirm or validate what you already know.

Why quibble about it? Why not just agree to disagree?

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Terrible analogy.
I have a better one.
My pet dragon is very cute, and he talks to me all the time. But you need faith that he exists before he makes himself visible and audible to you.

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Bingo. Thank you.

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So, how do you tell the difference between a dragon that reveals himself to you after you fulfill his condition of you believing in his existence, and deluding yourself into believing causing hallucinations of a talking dragon?
The point is, personal experience is worthless, because if you have no actual tangible, repeatable evidence that can be examined by others, without self delusion, you have no way to determine if your personal experience is actually real, or a hallucination.

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Only, it’s not a dragon…it’s a purple dinosaur.

“I love you…you love me…!”

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@ragingloli What difference does it make?

(The difference between me and you is, I know I’m crazy!)

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@ragingloli So you mean to tell me that people are or are not capable of mass hallucination?

Because it does happen all the time, not just with UFO‘s but also with things of faith. The visions at Fatima would qualify for a mass hallucination then, so how is that explainable because “Puff the magic dragon” as you might call it did appear to more than one person.

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I’m saying it doesn’t make any difference.

A person or thing is not defined by what it is
A person or thing is defined by the purpose man assigns to it.

Man creates a purpose for whatever it is and that’s what it becomes.
For man.

The truth of the matter is there’s no need to assign value or purpose to anything.
But then you wouldn’t have man.
since man is that which assigns value and meaning to everything.

More correctly
man assigns his value and meaning to everything.
The value or meaning assigned is not what the thing is or who the person is.
It’s what man says it is.

So it doesn’t matter whether God exists or not.
I (figuratively speaking) believe God exists and strive to emulate whatever I believe God wants me to do.

God becomes my reality.
Not your’s or his or anyone else’s
unless they choose to accept that belief or create that reality as their own.

This is no different from anything (or anyone) else we accept that gives meaning or purpose to our lives.

You can substitute “God” for anything (anyone) you want.
A lot of people already have (which was my original point).
You assign whatever meaning you want to assign to whatever you want to assign it to.

Or not.

It’s your reality.
Make of it what you will.

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