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Where did you go wrong?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14635points) January 19th, 2013

The thing that haunts you. The thing that if it had gone the other way your life would be so much better?

People under 20 can answer, but we will make fun of you

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Whoa, whoa – I went wrong?!?! That’s news to me.
Now I gotta start all over. Dagnabit!

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Drinking, i could have probably done without.

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I don’t have anything that haunts me. I’ve made mistakes but nothing that ‘haunts’ me. I have also found myself in places in my life that I knew weren’t right for me and I’ve made big changes but the original choices that took me to that place weren’t necessarily wrong. I just changed as I progressed on my way.

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:-| That’s disturbing.

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Wrong place. Wrong time. F*%^king gamma rays.

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I regret nothing. Nothing I tell you!

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This guy Marley keeps visiting me every December 24. Most unnerving.

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I coulda bin a contender, but being punched in the face scared me shitless, still…never mind.

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There is no point in thinking about this, since it is, the way it is. Hopefully if you are standing in the same street, at the same traffic light you will miss the cement truck, next time.

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Becoming infatuated with the cute little girl who just moved onto the block when I was 13 years old.

Then marrying her while choosing to ignore evidence that screamed for me to run in the opposite direction.

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All my choices after the age of 21, all major mistakes that led to even bigger ones!!!!!!

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After sleeping on this question, I came to the conclusion my life is better for the choices that I made. There are some things that haunt me if they had gone the other way, my life would be a living hell.

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My biggest mistakes have always involved being honest with someone who couldn’t be trusted. But no matter, I’m a survivor…..working on being a thriver though

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I never got very far into a relationship. Did I go wrong? Was it the situation? Do I choose the wrong women? Do I lack commitment? Is it chance? Bad luck? Sometimes shit just happens.

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I have made many choices that while I consider them bad or wrong choices, I did them based on what I knew and thought at the time. Of course a different choice would have meant something completely different as far as the path it put me on or how things worked out.
This is part of day to day life and decisions.
They do not haunt me. They were in the past and I can’t do anything about them at this point anyway.
I reflect on a few major choices every now and then, but it is fleeting. Those choices helped me learn and become wiser. They made me the person I am today.
IMHO if you have something that is haunting you about a choice in the past, you need to resolve that haunt and learn from it because you don’t want to stay stuck in the past on things you have no control over.

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Most of my decisions have lead to learning experiences. I would not be the same person without them, even the very bad decisions, like certain relationships.

However, I really wish I had never started smoking :-/ I started back in a previous life, when I could not envision living to be 20, much less 30. Now it’s ten years later and I am embarrassed at how addicted I am.

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@bookish1 I’m surprised you haven’t tried an electronic cigarette yet.

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@SABOTEUR : Thank you for the reminder. I recently got some recommendations from a friend of mine, and was waiting to purchase one until I had more money this semester.

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@bookish1 That is good news. I hope you’re using the interim to familiarize yourself with the world of vaping. Please drop me a line once you’ve made your purchase.

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