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How would superheroes deal with the most challenging nemesis of all?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24460points) January 20th, 2013

Getting old. Aging. The supposed golden years. Do you think Peter Parker might one day end up forgetting to wear his suit-? Would Bruce Banner be banned from all hospitals-? Would Wonder Woman still wear the same suit-?

The aging process could make either optimists or pessimists in all of us. How do you think our superheroes would adjust and adapt to it? Please mention as many superheroes if you can. Humor is most welcome. Thanks.

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They’ll have to make a little extra room in the outfits for the ‘Depends’.
I can imagine some gloating over their super power of still having all of their teeth, or a sharp memory.

“HERE I COME TO SAVE THE… oh hmm, what was the problem again?”

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Are you crazy? They’re superheroes! They don’t get old!

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Superheros get old, they get tired, and maybe take a bit longer, need a nap and so on. But they can still be superheros, or try.

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That’s it, @Shippy! Power napping !

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In regular continuity, they age very slowly and get refreshed every few years.

For example, Peter Parker was 15 when he became Spider-Man in 1962. Fifty years later, he’s being portrayed at about 25.

In Marvel Comics, the rule of thumb is that’s its been about ten to twelve years since the Fantastic Four debuted (in continuity), regardless of what the actual date is.

DC, on the other hand, reboots their universe every decade or so (as they have in multiple “Crisis” and the “New 52”).

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Dark Knight Returns shows that Batman can still kick some major ass at 55 :P

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And, as @Rarebear and @uberbatman point out, there’s lots of out-of-continuity stories that address aging or aged heroes.

“Kingdom Come” and “Dark Knight Returns” are both amazing.

I also liked “Old Man Logan” by Mark Millar from a few years ago. “Earth X” wasn’t bad either.

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There is also Batman Beyond where Bruce Wayne is super old. While he doesn’t fight crime anymore he’s still got it in his old age.

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The wonderful (dare I say Marvel-ous?) thing about mythology is that by definition it’s not reality and therefore completely controllable. I want my superheroes never to age and so—shazam!—they don’t.

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room Shazam! ages, he’s like 5000 years old :P

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@cookieman I hadn’t heard of the last two. I was always a DC guy.

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@uberbatman, he’s not old in my head.

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Hey, if Chuck Norris can live forever, anybody can.

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