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Quick: the Genie has granted you one wish, and one wish only - what is it?

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 20th, 2013

Tell me. It just might be granted tonight…

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Just a few working islet cells for my pancreas, please, sir.

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A whole thing of Play-Doh, then I could mould myself a muse, then sketch & paint her forever using only purple crayons, I already have those.

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That all the renovations around here were finished, especially the veggie garden. I feel inclined to slip on a straw hat and wander around with a basket collecting luscious, home grown produce to cook with. It’s probably a sign that I should get my arse back to work before I start getting the urge to make jam or chutney.

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I’ve seen this movie. I ask for a thousand more wishes, without dire consequences.

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Doh, I should have said colour her, you can’t paint with crayons…(neanderthal laughter)

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A well paying full time job for Auggie.

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Peace on earth and goodwill for all earthlings.

If i must be more specific, for my son to find inner peace and happiness.

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This one can’t be granted overnight.

I want to be useful for the rest of my life.

Coloma's avatar

Millions of dollars to share and spoil others with.

FutureMemory's avatar

The ability to shoot laser beams from my eyes.

augustlan's avatar

Two new livers: One for my best friend’s fiance and one for @rosehips.

Aw, thanks @chyna!

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That people stop deluding themselves that the Glorious Political State is their savior.

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Good health for the rest of my life. Without that, I won’t be able to do anything else for myself or others.

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I want to go back to College, knowing what I know now. (being 20 would be nice too

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@majorrich Granted. Go register.

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I just want my sweet baby. That’s all I need.

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That my husband could walk.

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Oh wait, I have that already.

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World Peace.

Cheesy, but I would even give up my dreams if it meant that could happen.

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A reliable vehicle would be nice. It’s no fun being stressed every time I drive our only vehicle. We can’t travel far or take our daughter’s friends to fun places because we fear the car will finally decide to quit on us if we do so. We only go where we need to and that’s it. It’s kind of depressing, actually. So yeah, a reliable car would be nice.

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I wish to help the needy people.

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Peace and love, bro!

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A zombie invasion. Zombies without teeth please.

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they gotta have teeth man. It just ain’t survival widoot it.

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I dare you guys to derail the thread with zombies…. go ahead, make my day. Phasers on stun.

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I wish for more US rail lines. With zombies walking on it. Half with teeth and half without.

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This thread corners like it’s on rails.

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Pew pew.

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You had been warned. Number one, prepare next question. Engage.

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So I’d actually like to know, about the very first Star Trek episodes, the ones where on every show, they visited some planet that was just another time period of Earth’s history; was there ever an episode with zombies? cuz that would be sweet

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Not sure about zombies, but maybe there was one that was genie-like.

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@Symbeline That so did not happen in early Star Trek!

I would guess the Borg were the closest they ever got to a zombie storyline.

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Oh well, guess I’ll just stick to this then.

Seriously, this scene rules, I’m not even making fun of it.

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What I wouldn’t give for a hand phaser. Or a good, solid club.

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or a bigger rock

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@Symbeline : Hssssssssssssrrrrrrrruggggggggggggggggh

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10,000 shares of Apple stock. That’s todays quick thought

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I would wish for all of them.
(then sell them all to Microsoft.)

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I’m not greedy. lol Just enough for me to retire with.

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It is not about greed for me either. It is about destroying Apple. I would sell the shares for an € each.

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For my boyfriend and I to be living in a little house in the Highlands!

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