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How does this dinner sound?

Asked by simone54 (7629points) June 10th, 2008

A full chicken leg quarter in a safron sage veloute with gruyere biscuits.

Veloute is a sauce made from chicken stock thickened with a roux. Gruyere is a sharp swiss cheese.

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are you asking because you plan on making it for someone?

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Fish is nice.

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Nah I thinking about putting it on my menu.

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What sort of food house is it?

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I guess we could be considered a gastropub.

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by gastropub you mean it’s a pub? right? I would say a bit much for a pub menu.

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The gruyere biscuits sound great. A little on the heavy side, but would probably work with a nice ale.

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Nah, by “Gastopub” mean a pub that has higher quality food then a normal pub. So I guess in your opinion it would be perfect for a gastropub.

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It sounds good but a bit of a heavy combination but with a fresh green vegetable and maybe some wild rice, it would be nice.

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@simone54, I think it sounds pretty good. I am, however, a bit worried of putting sage and safron in the sauce. Seems as safron may get over-powered. What if you infused the butter for the roux with the sage, and added the crispy leaves as a garnish at the end. Okay, that really didn’t help my case of mixing sage and safron together.

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Too rich for me. If the chicken is beautiful, why not keep it simpler.

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It sounds like you could round it out with a decent starch to cut back on the richness a little. I’m also not a fan of the chicken leg – it’s a bit of pain to eat and I would be more inclined to order it if it was white meat.

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Then it sounds like your going more for more like a “Jakes” (you find their stuff in the stores) type of atmosphere and menu. That would be nice, but I agree with @janbb it could use some veggies. Either fresh greens or some gently steamed veggies.


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It sounds like chicken, gravy and biscuits.

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