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Aside from sex, bathing and sleeping, what activities have you done naked?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) January 20th, 2013

Aside from bathing, sleeping and sex, what have you done in the nude? Or what have you personally witnessed others doing in the nude that wasn’t what you would have expected?

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Swimming. Including in the ocean. Oh, and one time I emptied the dishwasher. But I don’t enjoy bumping into things when my bits are hanging out, it hurts too much.

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Back in the day, I skinny dipped in pools and lakes often enough that it seemed ordinary.

But nothing makes me smile like the Portland World Naked Bike Ride

Oy, don’t buy a used bike in Portland without getting a new seat!

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Cleaning the house.

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Many things, but cooking with hot oil is the definite standout in the unexpected category.

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swimming, biking, hiking, bowling, picnicking, skiing, horseback riding…

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I saw my roommate studying naked once. I personally haven’t done many interesting things in the nude, though I have Fluthered nude before…

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I won a Kung Fu tournament in the nude once.

But seriously, haven’t done much of interest while naked. besides that tournement; go tiger claw go!

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If there’s no one home I’m absolutely naked. I play the ukulele, write, cook, and everything else. So long as I’m alone I don’t wear clothes.

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Hasn’t everybody Fluthered in the nude?


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Being born.

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Am I the only one who has never slept naked?

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I have went skinny dipping under a bridge and mooned the cars as they went by.

My wife also likes to do everyday things naked such as washing the dishes, cooking, cleaning, watching TV, etc. She hardly wears clothes when we are home. It’s really hard (pun intended) being me. LOL

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@bhec10 No, lots of jellies sleep naked, me for one. :)

Dancing (but only alone in my house)

You brought back a memory for me. My first college boyfriend used to read the New York Times in the nude every weekend. There was something so funny to me about seeing him with the paper and only his Poindexter type glasses, it always used to make me smile.

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Massages, smudges, and howling at a full moon.

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Yoga, which I referred to as Yoga Bare.
Also cooking, but I found popping grease to be too painful to continue.

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I often philosophize naked.

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I’ve taken rain showers in my youth. Gets the chair wet now and hours to dry off. very refreshing in the summer

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From the day I moved out of my parent’s house until my son was… I’d say about two, I was rarely clothed within my own home.

If I didn’t have to move into a special neighborhood to do so, I’d totally be a nudist.

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Nude beaches.


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@DrBill- You sound like a tampon commercial.

I’ve painted the walls of my house naked. The interior ones anyway.

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Funny to read how much people like be naked! I actually like wearing comfy clothes (eg, pj’s) more than being naked. Probably because I’m cold a lot of the time.

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Swimming in the local river and mountain streams and riding my horse around naked.
I was once a true Lady Godiva, naked on my beautiful gray/white horse with hair down to my ass.
Good memories! :-)

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Skinny-dipping, Play Twister, cook, exercise, slow dance, play poker, talk on the phone, watch a movie, play the piano, play on a slip and slide.
I may have forgot a few, but those are top of mind.

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Swimming, being in a sauna, walking around the house, yoga, being in labor, breastfeeding, walking around the forest, laying in the grass, getting high, playing Twister.

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Become engrossed in a book or play video games. My significant other and I often game sans clothing.

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Is naked Twister really what it’s cracked up to be? I hear about it and part of me really wants to try it…

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…all participants are advised to shower/bathe beforehand…also deodorise, it can get quite intimate down there.

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Shot at someone who was waist deep inside by bedroom window in the middle of the night. I didn’t hit the guy but he departed swiftly. The round cut the top of the miniblind clean in half which caused it to fold down like a cheap deckchair on the guy’s head. Nobody called the cops, or at least they never knocked on our door after.

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@DominicX I dont know about you, but even when I’m high or drunk, I still wonder if people can smell me ‘down there.’ So I guess it’s not all that it’s ‘cracked-up’ to be (heh).

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Rollerblading at night during a midwestern winter. It was a semi-annual event for my dorm during exam week.

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@serenade That sounds painful!

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I’ve been in natural hot tubs, gone hiking, and sunbathing on the balcony of my apartment iin the nude.

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I’ve posed for life drawing classes.

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I find many surfaces on which we sit uncomfortable on my naked bottom, so I usually wear clothes. However, playing cards while naked by a fire was lovely as a prelude to more intimate activity.

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Body surfing at Venice Beach, CA late at night when a Pacific Storm had kicked up a series of 20 foot breakers. The storm had also overridden the regular Pacific up-well that brings cold water from the depths up onto the US West Coast. The water was delightfully warm.

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