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Sporadic pain in groin?

Asked by Holly13 (35points) January 20th, 2013 from iPhone

I just joined. I was reading about sporadic stabbing pains in my right groin and leg. I have had this for about 11 months now. It started in my right foot and now has moved up to my right groin. It feels like someone sticking there finger in a electrical socket. It lasts only seconds but hurts very bad. Does anyone know what this is?

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Welcome to Fluther, @Holly13.

Even if one of the physicians in the forum answers your question the end of the answer will be “see a doctor”. We try to be helpful about telling people what things they might expect from the ailments and illnesses we’ve had from time to time when you say “I have this thing or that thing”, but aside from the fact that no one (no one responsible) on Fluther will diagnose for you and say “oh, it’s this thing or that thing”, how much would you trust a diagnosis – even from someone who seems competent and trustworthy – when they haven’t examined you?

Please see a physician. If you come up with a name for whatever it is you have, then someone here has probably had it too, and can share their experience. We don’t diagnose.

If that’s not in the guidelines, then it ought to be. I should read the guidelines someday.

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Welcome to Fluther!

I agree with @CWOTUS that this is a question to see a doctor about. Pain in the abdomen is not anything to mess around with. Blood clots, kidney stones, and God knows what else leap to mind. If you’re a hypochondriac, we could freak you out pretty fast. But it would be from ignorance. Please get checked out by a real doctor.

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@CWOTUS Not in the guidelines, but the Terms & Conditions warn about possible erroneous content:

You agree not to hold Fluther, its owners, or any of its members responsible for any content on the site. You acknowledge that any information found on Fluther may be erroneous, and should be used at your own risk. Always consult a professional about important matters.

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I’m a doctor. Go see a doctor.

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Welcome, @CWOTUS is correct but unfortunately is was too dismissive and unhelpful.

Common sense is that you need to be physically examined since symptoms are consistent and vary amongst diverse conditions, one cannot diagnosis over the internet.
However! What can be done is that we inform you of the possibilities associated with your symptoms in regards to the most probable cause (sites like WebMD and livestrong are dedicated to this principle)

That being said this sort of pain is usually associated with a ligament injury, when/how did the pain start? It could be referred pain from iliolumbar ligaments in the pubic symphysis.
Or the condition can be a bit more dramatic consisting of a hernia, tumor, infection, kidney stones or enlarged lymph glands
If it’s been happening for 11 months I doubt that it’s a major issue but discomfort and pain is abnormal thus you need to set up an appointment.

That’s a link that can further assist and that demonstrates the complexity of a condition that only your doctor can diagnosis.

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Hello, I went to Dr’.s several times with no answers. I went for my physical yesterday and mentioned Siatiea nerve. Because of searching on line. An exray showed I have a cist in my back that could be causing this. It all started by someone hitting me in the back end of my car and the pressure forced on the brake with my right foot. I don’t know what is involved with possible a cyst removal if need be. I’m very scared and wonder if this is a painful surgery? Is it worth it or will the sporatic pain in the groin eventually go away.Thanks everyone.

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