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What's the most cold-hearted, but real story of cheating you've ever heard of?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) January 21st, 2013

I once heard this girl call a radio talk show. On it she admits that she was at a party where everyone was drinking. Her boyfriend got so drunk he passed out.

You’re probably thinking, “Oh, he passed out and she slept with some other guy.” Well yes that did happen and I guess that’s not all that uncommon, but what makes her story perhaps unique and definitely cold-hearted is when she had sex with the other guy, they had sex ON TOP of the boyfriend!

Now that’s some hardcore hatred!

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Wow. He must have been a very heavy sleeper.

My wife had a friend who, after about fourteen years of dating this guy, got engaged. They planned a big wedding, booked the honeymoon – she was very happy.

Then, about a week before the wedding, a woman comes to her door – with a baby carriage.

Turns out, he fiancé had started dating this woman a year or so after they started dating and led this entire parallel life for about twelve years, including having this baby with her and promising to marry her too.

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That story is just strange.

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While my wife’s first husband was cheating on her, he had her babysit the other woman’s child.

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My husband’s friend’s wife had an extended affair with a guy that looks exactly like him. Like, people who know them mistake them for each other all the goddamn time. Same face, same crowd, same interests, same friends… it’s like she was cheating on him with him. Strange cat.

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In recent memory, Lance Armstrong, Cheated for years, then threatened and tried to destroy everyone who told the truth, then went on Oprah with an acted sob story. Sociopathy at its finest.

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Years ago I was dating a girl that I discovered was also dating 2 other guys at the same time. One of them was married and she knew that too. ugggg…makes my skin crawl thinking of it. She was one Pathological Liar.

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My cat spending the afternoon sitting in my best friend’s lap in front of the TV!

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I know somebody who cheated on their husband with somebody that they were both at school with and decided to throw him out of their home on the day that he was paid off from his work.

In the space of 24 hours he had lost his job, his wife, she had moved in her new boyfriend (and really tried hard to convince people that it was not planned), changed the locks so her ex-husband couldn’t get in, then tried to sue him to keep paying the mortgage even though he couldn’t get in. When she found out that he wasn’t going to pay the mortgage she complained about how life was unfair to her and that he obviously never cared for her completely forgetting she had made him homeless and had been having an affair.

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I think John Edwards cheating on his wife who had cancer, although it’s probably not the first time in history someone cheated on a sick spouse.

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^ Honestly, if I had cancer, I’d give him a hall pass.

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I’ve known two women over the years that found out about their husbands long term cheating.
One had already forgiven an affair and separation from years earlier only to find out her husband had had a fling with her SISTER as well that the whole family concealed from her for years and years.
The second discovered her husband of 20+ years had been having regular threesomes with her sister and bro-in-law pretty much from the get go.
Ugly stuff.

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I know a woman whose mother slept with two of her husbands, one of which was abusing her and her sons, and constantly told her that it was her fault because she didn’t know how to keep a man happy.

Later, her and her 5 kids ended up staying with a married couple in their home. Well, you probably see where this is going. The woman ends up having an ongoing affair with the man right under the wife’s nose.

This is just the beginning of a very freaky story. In a nutshell, these two people are still together and the woman is in a deep denial about the man that took 10 years to divorce his wife and tell his kids that he has a girlfriend with whom he just bought a house. When the kids come to visit, she is forced to sit in the bedroom for hours or days so they don’t know she’s there. What a man!

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It’s amazing what people will do to hide their shames. It goes to show you how powerful shame is in our society. It makes me sick.

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@wundayatta Shame, like guilt is there to teach people. Unwarranted neurotic shame and guilt is not the same as healthy shame and guilt that is an internal barometer of ones conscience.
These guys I speak of were not concealing their shame, they were gambling on the fact they wouldn’t be found out and when you gamble you might lose. What’s shameful is deceiving someone for years and years out of nothing more than selfish and self centered behavior.

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A friend of mine married a girl he’d been with for a couple years. Katie was a part of our broader social circle. She had a new job she’d started six weeks before the wedding. (This was back in the ealry eighties when we were all young and partying a lot with cocaine.)

Katie left the honey moon a week early to return “to work” to be with her boss whom she’d been snorting cocaine and screwing for a month. The marriage lasted a total of three weeks.

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Lance Armstrong’s. He gave a lot to charity but coldfucked all his admirers whom he had inspired.

@Shippy Would have been stranger if the boyfriend merely pretended to have passed out. That he planned it all along with his girlfriend as some sort of darkly deviant sexual act. Lol.

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@TheProfoundPorcupine Wow. That could be a country song. lol

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@livelaughlove21 that woman should be put down.

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@TheProfoundPorcupine You feel he should have access to the house even in divorce if he is paying the mortgage?

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