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Know any good all-inclusive resorts?

Asked by Gabby101 (2945points) January 21st, 2013 from iPhone

My husband loves them, but I’m not that familiar with them. Has anyone ever been to a good one? We don’t have kids, so would like a resort that isn’t all about the little ones. Mostly he is looking for a really good buffet and all food included. We’re open to any part of the world.

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Here’s one. I went to the one in the Dominican Republic quite a while ago, and the food was amazing.

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My company has used Dreams resorts for a few years. La Romana is really nice, so I hear.

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If you don’t have kids then any of the Sandals resorts are GREAT! Most even include Scuba Diving. I’ve only been to St Lucia butmy experience there would lead me to believe that they are all 1st class.

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Club Med comes to mind. They have locations all around the world, and most (if not all) activities are included, too, besides the food.

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2davidc8, Club Med DOES include food but in my experience its not near as good as Sandals. It doesn’t include alcohol though. The one Club Med I went to doesn’t exist anymore but it seemed like an uber party place. Then again the Lakers and the Suns happened to be there the same weekend we were there (around 1992 I think) and although I’m not a sports fan there was an excited energy around the place because of the celebrities who were there.

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