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Anyone else find that having plants around you to be soothing?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9824points) January 21st, 2013

I definitely do. I wonder why that is.


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As do I. Maybe it’s the fresh oxygen.

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No, because my cat eats ‘em.

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I think it’s just having other living things around us reaffirms our sense of life’s worth. Plus they soften lines and give us focal points.

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I agree 100%. It gives me a sense of freshness in a confined area. I have so many cacti and spider plants in my room because I hate being in rooms that have little oxygen in them and are stuffy and hot. Plants also present a nice ambiance. They are used in a lot of establishments as decorations.

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THey are green and they provide pleasing, natural shapes in an artificial environment. Nature pleases us. I think it is built into us. We are more comfortable in natural environments, and so bringing nature into the unnatural straight lines and right angles of our homes makes us feel a little better and more comfortable.

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Yes, I do. They give off oxygen.

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As long as I can go to them away from my place. Like a botanical garden or just out in the woods but I would hate to be responsible for their care at home. And the cats,oh the g d cats

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It’s ALWAYS great to have someone around to talk to – pets and potted plants included (I don’t discriminate ;-) At this point you’re probably thinking: dude should get out more.
True, I should get out and get me a plant! :D

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Not really. I like plants in my garden or to look out of my work window to see trees, but not pot plants. They are supposed to filter the air so probably not a bad thing.

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Outside yes, inside no, because I always let them die…and brown leaves and spindly little plant structures don’t really come across as serene to me.

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I like to grow herbs in my kitchen.

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I have had to resort to fake plants, but I do find it pleasant to look at them.

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