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If Fluther had been founded, and run by completely greedy and insensitive bastards - what would've been some evolutionary changes to the site?

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 21st, 2013

Inspired by Marky Mark (Zuckerberg’s) FB google-type big brother internal search engine. About to mess-up even more lives and carreers – for the love and sake of cash.

How would they have fucked up the almost-perfect Fluther we know?

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It would be subscription based.

There would be lurve competitions for prizes. People could buy more eyes for their answers. They would have to provide real names. You’d have to link your name to Facebook or something. They’d sell advertising which would be much more intrusive. There would be all kinds of stupid gewgaws to buy. They’d recruit from television shows in order to recruit for people who have cheated on their dogs (or something) to appear on “a reality show that will appear on a “major” network.” That sort of thing. You only have to go to a few other sites to see what I mean.

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Monthly subscription, failure to make prompt payments results in destruction of knee-caps using spatulas & toffee hammers.

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You would be able to purchase lurve at an online store.

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We’d all be playing Flutherville, like Farmville but underwater. And yes, as @dxs said, you could purchase lurve points™ from an online store. Credit card, linked bank account, or your firstborn.

@burntbonez : ”people who have cheated on their dogs (or something)” LMFAO! I lurve ya ;)

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We’d be harassed on a daily basis by Flutherites with invitations to FlutherFarm, FlutherCrimeSceneInvestigation, and FluPokerther.

I wouldn’t Like it.

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One benefit for me: I’d be paid more! Of course, I wouldn’t want to work here under those circumstances, so…

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Flutherville points, yay!

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And besides being able to purchase lurve like @dxs said, there would probably be a feed to show exactly who was lurving who.

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It wouldn’t have people like us on it. Once we recognized the set-up, we’d be ELSEWHERE!

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That’s a good idea for a name.

Edit: Damn, someone took it already. Don’t click on ^.

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Advertising and more advertising. Taking over the whole page at times.

Our names and email addresses would have been sold off to any buyer for any price and we would be spammed to death by people selling frizzers, robots, jellyfish porn, cakes, pancakes, yarn!

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Now yarn I’d buy in a New York minute.

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(See Answerbag.)

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We’d get astrologied to death and get updates of inane sandwich eating variety.

There you be more categories, like pop artists and celebrAties and weight watching groups.

And there would be people trying to game the lurve system.

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I love that first sentence of yours, @rosehips. So funny. :D

@zensky, so what is objectionable about the new FB search engine? I haven’t heard anything about it.

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You can ask a question, but it’s gonna cost you to get the answers…

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Probably be treated to more than a few viruses for our pleasure.

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Have you seen the box-office smash film Mama starring best actress Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain?
Asked by UniversalPictures | 103,321 responses

Did you know that the 2013 Ford F-150? has AAdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control™?
Asked by FordMotorCo | 414,228 responses

How many days in a row can you eat Kraft Macaroni & Cheese? Let us know!!
Asked by KraftFoods| 277,889 responses

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@bookish1 thanks.

@jaytkay omg way too true. I’m already headed for the escape hatch.

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Trading lurve for hookers and cocaine would require a cash copayment.

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Trading lurve for hookers and cocaine would require a cash copayment.

There’s no cash co-payment now? WTF am I sitting on this 20K for?

Hellooooo, ladieeees!!

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@filmfann has the best answer! Lurved ya (but it’ll cost you to see the lurve, buddy!)

@bookish1 Use FB search to find the answer. And quick: delete any silly photos or strange statusii… before you get fired/divorced/killed thanks to MM and the fucked up bunch.

Edit: Rosehips – good one – use of astrology as a verb gets you an additional three lur {redacted}

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@zensky : Well, part of why I don’t understand the problem is that I have not been on Facebook for years. Why are you so sure that this will ruin career prospects and marriages? Does it allow for more access to supposedly ‘private’ posts?

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@bookish1 let me get that article for you…

Here’s MM

And your NOT being on FB makes me lurve ya a little more.

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@zensky : Thank you, sir.

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You would get little pop ups on the side of your screen that say, ”@So and So just PM’d @Whozit and this is what was said…”

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@bob_ Good thing that ain’t the case, eh? :D

To answer the question, it would be like AnswerBag is now, except you’d have to pay to access all the features. Plus it would work like the PlayStation Store, which means nothing would fucking work at all. and you wouldn’t get your moolah bax

They’d be all like, you know what man, just fuck you.

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and that would suck

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Lurve would be redeemable at the gift shop. All entries and exits would be through the gift shop.

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@zensky that immediately gets removed because I somehow managed to spell sandwhich incorrectly :/

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What do you mean if?? (Or it depends upon what your definition of the word “If” is).

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
Response moderated
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The “writing standards” would be based upon the standards of the Indians manning the Moderation Desk Bureau.

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It would be worth £25 billion, it would have bought up Twitter and it would be crap.

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