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What is your favorite fairy tale?

Asked by theunkindraven (213points) January 21st, 2013

I like the Twelve Dancing Princesses and East O’the Sun, West O’the Moon, but no one ever seems to know these. What is your favorite fairy tale?

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I love the story of Pinocchio. He is easily deceived, but succeeds out of sheer goodness.

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The Ugly Duckling.
The story that teaches your children that you can make it in life if you have the necessary ancestry, that noble, aristocratic blood will prevail always, and that their blood defines the class that they belong too.

Or jack and the beanstalk, that teaches your kids that if they lack the skill to make it in life, they can just murder someone and steal their money.

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The Monkey and The Turtle a folk story from the Philippines.

No real morals to it, just some real asshole turtle who develops a vendetta against monkeys. If you like stealing, premeditated murder, and cannibalism, then this is the fairly tale for you.

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Tortoise and the Hare. Also the Ant and the Grasshopper. Both deal with the value of stick-to-itiveness, good lessons for both kids and their elders.

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I just wanted to say that I read East of the Sun, West of the Moon when I was a teen. I think I inherited the book from my mother. I remember enjoying it, although I don’t remember any of the stories. Those stories were far more interesting than the Grimm fairy tales, though. I graduated from them to fantasy and science fiction.

So what is our working definition of a fairy tale? Can we include fantasy? Because if we do, then Andrea Doria Russel’s “The Sparrow” is probably my favorite.

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I like bluebeard. Just find it so applicable in daily life. Follow your instincts, be wary of predators, but if you should fall in the you can also escape it and come away wiser and wilder.

I suppose Clarissa Pinkola Estes archetypal breakdown of it also reminded me of the Christain creation story.

The key to knowledge is within reach yet punishment is threatened and meted out upon using it.

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Social Security

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I too know East of the Sun and West of the moon and 12 Dancing Princesses. I have a wonderful book with illustrations of a 12 headed troll with 12 princesses, each combing the hair of one of the heads. I loved the illustrations as much as the stories. Kari Woodenskirts was my favorite.

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Alice in Wonderland is still may favorite of all time. I’m still looking forward to reading the political references. I frequently quote it and I love the characters. My grandmother took me to see a production of Alice in Wonderland in which the costumes and set were all from the Tennille drawings. Bambi Lynn was Alice and Eva LeGallion (sp?) was the white queen. It was magical.

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Alice in Wonderland kicks ass! I also love Little Red Riding Hood.

There are no real reasons for this. Fuckin, cross dressing wolves and floating cat smiles and stuff.

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The Snowman.

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Pretty Woman.

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Little Red Riding Hood.

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@wundayatta yes we can include fantasy. Strictly speaking I was thinking of Charles Perrault or the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson, but I’m always open to other definitions!

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I like The Frog Prince and Hansel and Gretel.

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Églantinne Cadorette.

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It’s the movie Rigoletto (not the Italian opera). Here’s a link to my favorite song.

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