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Can we come up with a universal set of rules the Manager can pick on you for?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14635points) January 21st, 2013

I mean, when is Augie allowed to pick on somebody and when is Augie allowed to name a drunken holiday? Has anyone really probed the definition?

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I’m just waiting for the day when Auggie can decree a drunk day. Why in tarnations it hasn’t occurred yet is beyond me.

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I vote that I can pick on @Imadethisupwithnoforethought for misspelling “Auggie”. :p

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but it looks so cute spelled like that

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<picks on @Symbeline, so she won’t feel left out>

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Also, should I bring my whip to this question? If I’m going to pick on people anyway, we may as well have some fun…

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@augustlan damn well better pick on me, ya heard?

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And aye, bring the whip, woman!!

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@augustlan if you’re bringing your whip, I want in…

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When can we have a silly question day? so off topic I know

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Auggie shall pick on anyone she deems worthy, but only on Tuesdays when it’s purple.

Auggie shall whip anyone she deems worthy, but only if they’ve raided the frizzer without permission.

Auggie shall verbally brutalize anyone she deems worthy, but only if Symbeline makes a video of it.

Auggie shall declare a drunken holiday, whenever Auggie damn well pleases.

Auggie shall get drunk and declare a nekkid holiday, whenever Auggie damn well pleases.

Auggie shall get drunk and nekkid and declare a pillow and honey fight, whenever Auggie damn well pleases.

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1. A personal attack on someone.
2. Off topic comments in the General Section.

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@Symbeline : All I want to do is watch :D

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MIlo here: Anything that I flag.

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^^^..stays flagged.

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Just peeking in quickly to pick on everyone. Pick pick pick!

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pick on @bookish1, he deserves it

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^^Yes I like @WillWorkForChocolate‘s idea. @augustlan should demand we all type naked days. (That was what she said? I just woke up)

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I’m picturing all of us Fluther members sitting in a row, Like This, with Auggie picking bugs off of the first one, and then the next person picking bugs off the next one, etc., etc. etc.

How’s that for some fun gettin’ picked on?

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There are already two sets of “universal rules” which can be found at the link provided below:

Fluther Guidlines


Fluther Writing Standards

Could you give any examples of how, where, why and when you have been “picked on” by the Auggie, the community manager, for anything not covered under the guidelines or writing standards?

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Oh I was definitely picking on him, but all in good fun. ;)

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@augustlan At least you weren’t picking his nose. You weren’t were you?

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A lady doesn’t tell.

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