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What noises do you enjoy?

Asked by Berserker (33394points) January 21st, 2013

I’m totally ripping off this question
But I AM curious, and although this was probably a question before, updates are always good, and fun.

So what noises do you like? What noises please you, and make you happy and smile?

I love what it sounds like when I scratch pillows with my fingernails, and when I fluff them up. I like the little ’‘bling’’ sound it makes when I earn a trophy while playing a Playstation 3 game. I like when my cats purr on my bed when I’m going to sleep. Sounds like weird, fluffy tractors. Makes me feel all at ease and happy. I love the sound of wind and rain, and I love the screams and pleas of my enemies as I ravage their empires with my hammer.

So what sounds do you enjoy, and why?

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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! The noise of these berries in my neighborhood being squished between my fingers. It is seriously almost to the level of bringing me actual physical pleasure. I love it so much I can’t explain and for the life of me and all the research I can do, I can’t find what kind of berry they are!! Even with our great big information superhighway.

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I’ll state the most banal but mystifying one.

r a i n :D

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Fog horns. They have a lovely, lonely, sorrowful sound that reminds me of foggy nights with wet air where I lived when I was young.
I like the sound of an oboe. It an odd sound that make me think of foreign places.
And the sounds of children playing. (unless they’re quarreling)
Crickets chirping. Mockingbirds singing. Frogs croaking. They remind me of the joys of nature

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My dog makes the funniest little sounds when she wakes up, a little moany yawny sort of squeak. I like to hear the cockatoos screech, they sound so irate but I think they are having fun. I like the sound a tennis ball makes coming off my racquet when I make a good shot. I like the sound my feet make on a gravel road when I run. I like the sound of the baby maggies when they are whining at their momma to feed me feed me!!!

This is a great question, I may add more sounds as I think of them.

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A cat’s purr. turns me on

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• the crunch of cutting construction paper with scissors
• the scrape of a charcoal pencil on textured drawing paper
• the clunk of a metal spoon stirring batter in a glass mixing bowl
• the whirr of an egg beater
• the clatter of a tin of brown bread steaming inside a bubbling pot
• the chomp of an old mechanical lawnmower
• the pop of bubble wrap
• the crackle of a turkey roasting in the oven
• the snap of a wood fire
• the thrum of heavy rainfall

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Rain, on well… almost anything, ripping cardboard because it sounds like farts, my dawg when she does that muffled bark where only her lips move, female orgasm…not those fucking pretentious screamers though, calm down dear it’s not the movies.

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ocean waves on pebbles
crackling fire
running water
my coffee pot brewing my morning fix

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Since you are ripping off my question?

wind chimes
the sea

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Rain on my bedroom window at night, a cello, crunching snow, my cat purring, and the sound of silence after a day at the office.

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The sound of my chubby dog groaning when she sits down or gets up. She really likes to play-up how much you’ve inconvenienced her when you ask her to move.

My other dog makes this adorable noise that sounds like he’s blowing bubbles when he sees something that he wants.

The sound of turning the page of a book.

Rain on pavement and the click-clack it makes when you walk on it.

The crinkle noise my duvet makes when I move in my bed.

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babbling brook, the sound of wind blowing leaves in trees, bird sounds, the sound of leaves and sticks under foot when hiking in silence, the ocean, the crackling of a fire, silence, kids playing outside, silence, a gentle rain, sound of oars hitting the water while rowing a canoe on a calm lake, music, and silence.

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The sound of my granddaughter testing out her newfound vowels; a purring cat; a dog’s tail hitting an upholstered chair as it wags excitedly; rain hitting the earth; waves crashing against a rocky shore; deep, slow orchestral sounds; the sound of one hand clapping.

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Giggling children
Purring cats
The dishwasher running
Coffee brewing

OMG! @Jeruba likes bubble wrap? That’s fantastic!

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The sound of a hockey puck off a really hard slapshot off the crossbar, or off the glass if you’re standing really close to it. You want to turn your head and cover your ear, because it will hurt a bit. Or the sound lighning makes when it hits really really close, the snap followed by the immediate roar of the thunder. Or the sounds of loons in the morning.

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I helped my sister with a research project in northern Florida one time (banding Red Cockaded Woodpeckers). We hiked out in the predawn dark, set nets over the nesting holes on long, long poles about 30 feet up, and then we waited for them to wake up and come flying out into the net. As we sat silently in the dark (if you make noise, the birds don’t come out of the holes), I listened to the orchestrated bird song – they wake up and sing in a certain order, every day. I don’t remember the order any more, but you could set the time on your watch by what species was singing. I’ll never forget that progressive sound, one species singing in the dark, then the voice of another species added, then 10 minutes later another species, until finally a cacophony of exuberent voices in the dawn light. It was the greatest symphony I’ve ever heard.

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The sound of rain on my tarp while I am dry and warm under it.
The crunch sound the garbage truck makes.
the sound a saw makes when it;s being used.
My cat’s purr.
Small arms fire in the distance.

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I like the sound of plumping pillows too! Punch, pummel, slap, poof, thump!
I also love the little tree frogs around here peeping in the evenings and the sound of the seasonal creek running below my deck that can get to roaring white water conditions at times.
My cats purring, the sound of their feet running down my gravel driveway, my neigh-bors neighing and braying.
The sound of a great horned owl in the night from my bedroom window, and the sounds of my dried up winter bamboos with their leaves rustling in the breeze.

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Oh, another one. Ronnie Van Zant’s voice. RIP.

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-crickets, geckos, and tree frogs chirping
-mockingbirds singing their hearts out
-Indian squirrels (they peep like birds instead of chattering!)
-the sound of fried potatoes sizzling
-a stand of old bamboo rattling in the wind
-ocean waves crashing in
-monsoon rain in the afternoon
-the rumble of distant thunder (not when it gets too close!)

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•My nephew’s laughter.
•My dogs’ sounds.
•Ocean waves.

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Sinatra. Torme. Garland.

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All kinds of shore sounds: waves crashing on sand; waves crashing on rocks; waves washing over pebbles.

I like the sound of the proverbial babbling brook.

The sound of rain pattering on my roof.

Fire sounds: a fire crackling in the fireplace.

Wind sounds: the storm howling outside with me safe inside. The wind blowing the rain against my windows.

I’d like to add earth, but I can’t think of any earth sounds, except possible an earthquake, which I would not like to hear.

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The sound of the spring peepers that announces spring
The scream of the red-tailed hawk
The who hoo hop hooo of the barred owl
The crack of the giant icicles as they fall from my gutters to the deck
The cry in G# of Milo as he prepares to bound from floor to counter to top of fridge to cupboard.

1) Here

2) Here

3) Here

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I like the sound of good music, but that’s pretty obvious.

Other than that: steel drums, rain, fireplace, saxophone, low whistle, some people’s voices and laughs, birds singing, waves

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The voices of the following people (in no particular order):

Patrick Stewart, Alan Rickman, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Benedict Cumberbatch, Josh Groban (when he’s singing), and Donnie Yen.

The following instruments:

Tin whistle. djembe drums, uillean pipes. a well-played theremin, steel drums,

Other sounds:

Thunder. Rain on the roof, woodpecker hammering, Tesla coils, the tapping of a manual typewriter, and the buzz of a dot-matrix printer. The last two I haven’t heard in quite some time, sadly enough.

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Oooh yes, THUNDER!

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Agree about thunder—unless it accompanies a bolt of lightning nearby.

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The sound of my boyfriend’s laughter.
Mass bagpipes
Wolves or hound dogs howling
Rain againts my window when I am nice and snug indoors
Barbra Streisand’s voice
Crushing waves

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@Leanne1986 lists Streisand, which makes me realize that many voices I used to enjoy, I now find irritating. I loved Babs in her show tunes era, but now I just find her voice grating, like those of many female singers who followed in her wake right up to Beyonce, whose rendition of the national anthem yesterday was, to my ears, screechy and annoying. This is probably an age thing and I apologize if I offend any Beyonce lovers.

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Sound of Diane Rehm’s voice in the radio while I’m in the bathroom. Shaky yet warm and comforting.
The haunting sounds of Vangelis’ love theme music in Bladerunner, Prince’s Scandalous in Batman and Flower Duet in the opera, Lakme.
Sizzling BBQ on a grill.
I love wet sucking sounds.

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@mazingerz88 I think I would love Diane Rehm’s voice in person, but over the radio it is unendurable. I can’t wait that long for the end of a sentence.

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I now need to add:

The sound of my microwave beeping to let me know my leftover Chinese food is ready for consumption. Omnom!

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@Seek_Kolinahr Come to think of it. Maybe it does help me stay awake during my morning bathroom proceedings.

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I love the sound my geese make when they poo. Seriously! It is SO cute!
They make these little squeaking sounds, holding their breath and emitting these hilarious little “eeeeee” sounds. I know, I’m weird, so what else is new? lol

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Oh, we’re allowed to list voices as well? I am a highly auditory person and voices really affect me.

@mazingerz88 : I find Diane Rehm’s voice very comforting as well. I really admire her, because she’s got this disease which is very apparent on the radio, and it might have convinced other more egotistical broadcasters to quit, but she soldiers on. Also, she took on Henry Kissinger. She’s a beast.

The voices of:
Leonard Nimoy.
Iarla O Lionaird.
Peter O’Toole.
The beautiful little Frenchy who makes me melt.

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@Seek_Kolinahr While I admire Diane, I can’t stand to listen to her! She had a stutterer on her program one day, and between the two of them I thought I was going to have to slit my wrists. (I’m always relieved when she has a guest host.)

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@syz Exactly. I love her show, I really do… but I only listen to the radio in the car, and that means a limited amount of time to get the most out of the show I can. There have been times I’ve gone from all the way from A to B, and still hadn’t heard the guest’s voice yet!

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@WillWorkForChocolate, love to stomp on sheets of it.

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The sound of thunder
The sound of lighting a match
The sound of crickets – makes me think of Rio and its night summer heat.
The sound of a baby’s laugh
The sound of my boyfriend’s gentle voice
The sound of a motorbike engine
And to make it clicheee, the sound of music!

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I love music boxes.

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I don’t know about anyone else, but in answering this question I made a distinction between “noises” and “sound.” I was answering “noises.” “Sound” would have included music, for one thing, and certain voices, for another. @Symbeline, did I misinterpret your intent?

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@Jeruba Well, I guess noise is sound and sound is noise. A half empty half full moment. haha

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Listening to my kids laugh and talk in the other room.
Also, I absolutely love the sound of my youngest son’s laugh. He has such a great laugh.

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Now that is NOISE!

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Dogs and cats snoring softly. Kwwwwwwzzzzzweeeeeweeeeeeweeeee

Bacon frying. KzzKzzz

The wind blowing through pine trees in a forest. Fwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaa

The sound of crunch, crunch, crunching whilst walking across a yard full of fallen oak leaves.

The cunk, cunk, cunk of a woodpecker in a faraway tree.

The zheeeeeeeeeezheeeeeeeeeeezheeeeeeeezheeeeeeee of crickets.

The sound of a coffee percolator kvuuuuuuh-chhhh kvuuuuuu-chhhhh (do they still make those?)

The sound of the doors opening on Star Trek fwwwwww fwwww

The kinkle of glass Christmas balls rolling across the table

The kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk-dunggg of a Scottish drum roll (in a pipe band)


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The clinking of the ice melting in my water glass.

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I find the sound of a vacuum cleaner running to be relaxing…..seriously, I do.

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Even if you’re pushing it around @Only138?

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@Bellatrix Depends on if I’m cleaning up after the party. LOL :)

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