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What are your feelings on your physical appearance?

Asked by Nially_Bob (3841points) January 22nd, 2013

Exactly as phrased: what are your feelings on your physical appearance? Are their traits you particularly like about yourself? Are you complimented on anything frequently? Is there anything you’re more anxious about? Please feel free to share.

This is obviously a sensitive subject for many, so everyone please be respectful.

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I’ll get the ball rolling. I generally feel quite secure in my appearance, although there are certain conditions I can get in where I feel less comfortable looking in the mirror. Mostly when I haven’t slept for a day or longer; I become very pale and ragged and it can be disconcerting. An issue I dealt with in my teen years was my height, at a towering 5’9” I’m quite short for a man, but as I’ve developed a bedrock of confidence with age I’ve found that this is often overlooked (pun totally intended) by people.

One of my favourite parts of my appearance, and one of the most complimented are my eyes which are a very dark blue. With that said, in my experience it’s difficult to find human eyes which aren’t at least somewhat alluring.

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I love my appearance. I have a 100% natural body, and face. I am as I was born to be. I use vegetable oil as a moisturizer and I still am attractive at 50.I’m not overweight I’m not underweight, but I am curvy. Things are dropping a bit, but in return I have self acceptance. I am a natural blond, with an olive skin and light green eyes. Wow! can’t believe I just typed all that Yay!

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Were it not for a few kilos extra that I can’t seem to shed, I could finally wake up and admit it after years of denial, I would be more than just attractive. I never ever saw that up to now and never gave myself the respect and attention I deserved. On the contrary I tried to tread on my self-esteem until none was left! Those few kilos DO spoil things a bit though!

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I’m satisfied. Who knows what the answer will be in 10 years though.

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I finally became comfortable with my looks. But now I have quite a bit of weight to lose. Working on it, but I have barely made a dent in it, and it will be another five or six months to get down where I need to be for health’s sake.

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It varies, some days I’m really happy with how I look, and on others I would like a body-sized paperbag to hide in.

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Mostly bleh. My eyes are an okay color, when pushed my husband will say I have nice legs. I’m assuming he means from the knees down as once you look higher it’s not great. My nose is a little too big for my face. I’m overweight, which I was recently working on, but am losing my mojo for. Basically, I’m a plain-faced, boring looking, overweight woman with okay hair.

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I’m getting better.

I’m pretty much over the fact that my abdomen looks like a deflated balloon. So I had a kid and not plastic surgery. BFD. Yeah, I won’t be wearing a string bikini any time soon, but I don’t need that kind of attention anyway.

I like my eyes – they’re slate gray, which as far as I can tell is pretty uncommon. I finally don’t look like a 12 year old anymore. I’m loving being a redhead. I’ve made peace with small vanities like wearing makeup and hennaing my hair, and am okay with cheering at my clothing size since losing a bit of weight. Yes, I can be a nerd and still have some physically attractive qualities. I don’t need to be ashamed of wanting to look nice.

The biggest issue I have is with my feet and my breasts, both of which are of a shape that does not conform to society’s standards. It makes shopping for necessities like bras and shoes very, very, painfully difficult.

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I’m not crazy about my appearance. I’m actually very critical of it.

My husband compliments me a lot – face, legs, butt, boobs, general comments like “why are you so pretty?”. He’s into me, so that’s all that matters.

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I like my appearance best when I’m at my optimal weight, which is where I am right now. I also feel my best.

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I believe I look younger and fitter than I actually look. The undeserved vanity helps my mental health, so it’s OK.

I would like to lose about 15 pounds.

I know I’m in OK shape, though. I bicycle 25 miles a day when the roads are dry.

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I like my appearance. Like my face and love my dark hair. I’m not on the tall side (5.4”) but I’ve always been OK with it. My appearance has never been a problem. People always said I was really pretty. I don’t know what degree of pretty they’re talking about. In any case, I have never taken that too seriously. Shape wise I know I’d look better if I lost a few pounds because as it is right now I’m a bit overweight. I’m curvy though, I adore my boobs but I’m not entirely happy with my J-Lo butt. All in all, I think I look good for my age (52).

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I used to get a lot of compliments, but that stopped about 10 years ago. I still get a compliment or two, but nothing like before, previously I had compliments on secific parts of my body, my lips, my eyes, my breasts, and even and overall, you’re pretty comment, but now all of those are rare. I think part of it is probably when I was younger, the young men had alterior motives, and I also was working in an environment where I was dressed up and dealing with the public, as opposed to now you can often find me in work-out clothes in the supermarket with no makeup on.

Currently I feel overweight by about 10–20 pounds, and I did a laser treatment to smooth some wrinkles, that I believe left me looking more wrinkled not less. I am very frustrated by that, and have a lot of regrets about doing it.

If I lost some weight I think it would improve things, improve my figure for sure, and give my face some positive benefits like maybe my eyelids would not be as heavy, but if I lose too much I am pretty sure my face would suffer and look even more wrinkled.

Two little things I have always thought are imperfect are my nose is a little large and I don’t like my hairline, but I don’t dwell on those things in any way. Plus, I guess those things make me me. A little character my grandma would say, especially about my wrinkles around my eyes. Funny, I had crows feet since I can remember, and usually got compliments on them. Now,everyone is paying so much money to get rid of theirs. I never wanted them competely gone, not even when I did the laser treatment. It would be nice if my stomach didn’t hold so much weight, but, if I do lose weight that will be much better.

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Very pleased to say I feel like a beau garçon finally. I think the only thing that I get compliments on is my intense dark eyes, but what matters most is how I feel about how I look. I keep losing weight and gaining muscle mass, and I feel like I have a body finally :-p

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I’m with @Shippy

At 53 I have gone a bit soft the last few years and could stand to shape up again but I like myself as I am, and am comfortable in my own skin. I no longer feel any need to impress anyone with my looks. What we lose in form we gain in wisdom. Shockingly enough the 28 year old carpet cleaner guy totally came on to me a few weeks ago, stating his attraction to me and getting quite, well, shall we say ” forward” in his intent.
Clearly my personality is still larger than my ass and I have some strange effect on the little cub scouts. haha

Flattering but jeez dude, just clean my carpets!
You might want to soak your hose in a little cold water while your at it. lol

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@Coloma : Haha, great story. You mean you don’t seduce and collect workmen who come to your house??

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@bookish1 Oh man, I have had quite the stable the last few years, I am most loyal to my “gardener” and he is a family man so we just have this great friendship but no worries that I’ll spy a boner in his pocket. He does give great

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I think I’m good, I don’t get complimented as much as I used to as a 20-something, but that’s okay as well, too much attention is annoying. My hair is still past my shoulders, my eyes are still blue, and my butt is still a size or two too big, but I’m happy with myself and my efforts.

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In general I like it. I wish I had straighter teeth and was a little bit taller but neither of these things cause me too much insecurity.

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I’m always complimented by my lovely boyfriend about how gorgeous I am and how he likes everything about me, especially my behind.
I love my body and I’ve always had, it’s just sometimes I hate the stretch marks on my thighs but now I don’t worry about them as much as I had done before.
Though I have to agree with my boyfriend, I love my ass. It’s not too big and not too small, since I’m a petite person… my ass is the perfect size and it fits very well with my body shape. And I also love my nails, especially when they are fully grown out… folks at school always assume they are fake nails.

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I’m satisfied. Of course there’s bad days and good days, but I like my looks. I get compliments now and then.

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I am occasionally told I am looking good as I am reasonably slim and fit for my age. I feel pretty good overall which is what matters.

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I’m just a generic looking random dude. No jewelry, no ink, no weird hair. I am completely unremarkable looking. That’s my look and many others as well because I get the “you look like someone I know” all the time.

And I feel fine.

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Just as my physical looks have changed over time, so has my feeling about it. When I was a teen, I was very sensitive about my looks, but I generally thought that my other attributes were more important. I remember believing that my sister got the looks and I got the brains in our family.

Since the teens, I have been minimally concerned with my looks. I rarely think about it unless I have a reason to make a particular impression on people.

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I am totally comfortable with how I look. I wish I had more meat on my bones, but that’s mostly for health reasons.

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No one ever fell for me for my looks. As the years have gone by, that has gotten less and less likely. I’m about forty pounds overweight and it’s all sitting on my stomach. It used to be fifty pounds, so that’s an improvement, but even if I did get back down to 150, no one would mistake me for a Chippendale. Not even if I worked out and found myself a sixpack.

So really, as they say, I have a great face for Fluther. Ya’ll are so thankful you will never see me. You just don’t know it. I look like a dork rolled up inside a carpet, buried inside a cement block. People everywhere are grateful that I don’t look in their mirrors when I use their bathrooms, because mirrors are known to crack in a thousand pieces when they reflect me.

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I have absolutely adorable and perfect ears.

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@rooeytoo loll Considered earring modelling? I’m sure there is lots more adorable than your ears :o)

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