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You get the urge to pee as soon as you sink into a hot bath. What do you do?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) January 22nd, 2013

Do you:

A. Get out and pee?
B. Pee in the bath?
C. Hold it until you’re done bathing?
D. Surgically extract your bladder, pass it off to someone else and have them “pee” for you?

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Stand, lean, grab, aim & piss in the pot…i’m an excellent shot & my arc is simply stunning.

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First, curse loudly and at length.
Then (A), get out and pee.

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I’ll pee in the shower but not the bath. Ick!
I always go first if I have a bath drawn or before I get in my hot tub. Really, urine is a sterile fluid unless one has some sort of UTI and is really not that disgusting but I prefer to not pee in my bath.

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Now go figure, I won’t pee in the bath but I don’t mind if my goose poos in the hot tub. Skimmer on standby. lol
Actually, he only gets to go in when I am ready for the big drain and clean moment and the water is cold, otherwise goose soup. ;-p

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My dad liked to pee in the shower, which made my mother nuts, so I learned at an early age not to do it. Anyway, I’m never in the shower (I don’t like bathing in a tub) long enough for this to be an issue.

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Pee before you get into the bath…silly!!

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Unless you’ve already got a urinary tract infection, urine is sterile. So I’ll let you guess.

In any case, I never use the tub, always the shower.

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I don’t want to take a bath in pee water, so I guess it’s get out, hold it, or tie my dick in a knot. There are some perks to being male.

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@ucme If there’s a Mrs. Ucme, I’m sure she’s thrilled with your bathroom contortions!

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

I now have a mental image of @ucme peeing a rainbow.

glacial's avatar

Sing it: “I can pee a rainbow… pee a rainbow…”

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UCME stands up to pee
the sound of pissy spatter
choking his chicken, that’s not finger lickin’
to clamp off his swollen bladder

Stay away from my tubby
if you have a chubby! :-p

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

Totally pee in the bath.

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Never pee in a bath. Pee first, bathe second. If I do get in and I have some residual that just needs getting out, I’ll do an @ucme !

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A. I like to enjoy a hot bath which I couldn’t do if I didn’t pee (or if I pee’d in the bath!)

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If you guys are relying on the “arc” to get into the proper receptacle, then you’re peeing on the floor. I would always rather piss in the tub.

Obviously, one should pee before getting into the tub, but however much you thought you might have emptied, that warm water triggers some kind of let-down reflex, and there’s always more than you thought there was. And ‘leaning’ out of a wet tub presents special slipping hazards that have the potential to cause catastrophic injury. Not worth the risk, in my opinion.

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@PaulSadieMartin My wife has no knowledge of it because what little slash -splash there is on the seat is cleaned when I get out of the bath. As I say…i’m an excellent shot.

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I can’t believe the trickle down effect of this question.
It just keeps going and going and….
A stream of urinating preferences from around the globe.
Truly an outpouring of participation.

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A or C .

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

@Coloma LMFAO! You’re such a commodian! No, no really, you’re the life of the potty!

ucme's avatar

Us blokes have long since played pissing games, chasing the discarded cigarette butt along the urinal, pissing our names in the snow & who wee’s highest…lots of practice.

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If I was already in the tub, I’d have to get out and go. Sterile or not, the idea of sitting in diluted pee is not an attractive thought to me.

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I would get out as I wouldn’t want my bath water to be the same colour as my rubber duck.

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Hmm. None of you ever swims, I take it? You know that fishes pee in that water.

Sunny2's avatar

^^Swimming and taking a bathare not the same thing. I usually take a shower after being in a lake, river, or ocean.

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As much as it may suck, it had to be A for me—same goes for having to pee right after getting into bed and getting cozy. I simply won’t be able to relax until I go to the bathroom, so that’s what I’ll do :)

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Here’s the deal. Strategically place the girly parts over the drain and open the drain for the duration of the stream and a little longer just to be safe.

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Two things; at my age, I’m developing minor incontinence issues so I use the toilet before anything else. Also, I use a bath rug that I hang up after each use, so I would just get out, knowing I have the bath rug for soaking up water.

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@YARNLADY You mean you go on your bath rug? ( jk haha )

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@Coloma I thought it might look like it says that.

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And @YARNLADY shall forever be known as the “Bath Rug Tinkler!” :D

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What a bunch of fussy peeps.

You know, they eat grubs in the Amazon.

Well, not the best argument, because I’m not sure about their life expectancy, but I am pretty sure that peeing in your own bath water isn’t going to reduce your life expectancy or even change the smell of the water noticeably. Next time, try putting a capful of ammonia in the bath. That should kill all the bugs in your sterile urine. And it makes your skin feel right prickly, too!

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I’m not too proud to say I pee.

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I haven’t taken a bath since 1999*, but I guess I would turn on the hot water, unplug the stopper, and aim for the drain.

*Because I’ve been using a shower ever since then. ;-)

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@DominicX I always go to the toilet before getting into bed even if I don’t think I need to go. There’s not many thing more annoying than getting warm and cozy and then having the urge to go to the toilet!

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I drink so much water I have to pee about every 30 minutes. I am like a 4 year old, I cannot drink anything after 8–9 at night or I will have to get up at least once during the night. I am also awful to travel with, I have to stop and pee and run around for 10 minutes about every 90 minutes. lol

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I take three different pills that make me need to pee. I pee about every hour. Amazingly, though, I can sleep through the night without having to get up to pee. What’s up with that?

Have to pee now. Just thought you’d want to know ;-)

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@wundayatta Me too, race ya to the bathroom. lol

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@Coloma I had a girlfriend once who grew up in a family with nine kids and one bathroom. She said that in the mornings, the girls would sit and pee with their legs spread, while their brothers would stand in front of them and pee between their legs.

Boy. Now that I write this down, I can hardly believe it could be true.

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@wundayatta, now I HAVE heard everything!

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