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What was your day like today?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) January 22nd, 2013

Use as you will! Have a moan if you wish. Or tell us how great it was. Or if it wasn’t so good, what did you learn from today?

I had the best day ever. It started out quite dull. I massage for a living. I was up bright and early and dressed by 8am. Ready for action. The clock ticked, I studied some new ‘runs’, or strokes. I played music, I walked around, I was so bored.

Finally a massage! He was a rather large man, but what a brilliant massage. I do Lomi, and get really lost in it. The best part of it all is, he left feeling like a new man. I hold my new strict sleeping regime responsible for my better mood lately.

Then I went off to the shops to buy essential oils. And some carrier oils. Sorry, but it’s my passion and I love it!

So how about you?

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It is only 9:55 a.m.still over here and I am about to take out my trash, then, plotting what I need to do, which involves running errands between 3 different towns. I may just procrastinate for one more day. lol I also have some biz. emails I MUST respond too.
The weather is amazing the last few days, going from freezing in the mornings to lovely 64 degree afternoons. I have had my house wide open the last few days from about noon til 4 o’clock and it almost feels like spring.

I think I might plan a little deck dining later today.
A Stella Artrois and maybe some shrimp and salad in the sunshine.
I’ll pay somebody $10 to drag my giant trash can up the hill right now. haha

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Yes, here in California it’s just mid morning. Waking up at 4:05 was not at all easy today, i definitely needed another hour or so of sleep.

But the day looks easy peasy having had my three big calls already today, and it is sunny and warm outside, and it is a short week!

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@zenvelo Oh well be sure to report back later? loll

Guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow night for me, to hear about everyone’s day.

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A little bit nerve wracking at times and also infuriating. It’s snowing heavily here now so I am going to try and unwind by staying in the warm and relaxing.

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My morning consisted of almost being knocked over by a twat driving the wrong way in a one way street (who then mouthed at me for being an idiot until I pointed out who the idiot was via a method that was not too polite) followed by seeing somebody about a design job that I am waiting to hear back about.

My afternoon has involved me sitting on my bum working away and looking at the chaos caused by the snow that is to the north, south, and east with me then looking out my window to see blue sky and sun.

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I woke up at about 10 am since I’m off school until Thursday, so getting to sleep in was nice. The power went out for a couple seconds at a time at least 15 times between then and noon, which was extremely frustrating. My dad finally called the power company (our power has been going out multiple times a day for several weeks for no apparent reason) and it seems to finally be fixed for now. Now I’m just relaxing and enjoying my day off, though the fact that I have to go to a three hour long driver’s ed class at 6:15 this evening puts a bit of a damper on things. This will only be the second day out of ten! All in all, it’s been a relaxing, laid back day, so I can’t complain I suppose!

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@TheProfoundPorcupine Well…if I had been the twat driving on the one way street at least I would have flashed my smile and waved my apologies and looked appropriately horrified.
At the least, if you were about to be killed you would see a ditzy blonde with a winning smile behind the wheel.
Oopsie, wrong way, oh shit! lol

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It’s my birthday, just turned 40 today, I’m at work after a three day weekend for MLK DAy so it’s all right. Boss just bought my lunch.

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@KNOWITALL Happy 40th, woo hoo, dance on the tabletops!

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@Coloma Thanks! Ready for the mammogram and my sexual peak- hahhaha!

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Hey, happy birthday sweety…virtual birthday kiss :-x

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@ucme Mwwwwahhhhhhh!

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My day started out with an 8 o’clock meeting that five minutes in made me want to commit harakiri on my ballpoint. Otherwise, all is well.

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Exact replica of all the others, life has turned into a meaningless existence!

@KNOWITALL Happy Birthday, I hope you took it lightly and were not all depressed and miserable like most people are!

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Happy Birthday @KNOWITALL – and welcome to the club (I turned 40 this past July). Sounds like a good start to Birthday celebrations – enjoy!

Today, so far, is wonderful. I’m always happy when it’s a non-travel week. (Last week was a heavy travel week.) Even though we’re having record cold (-20 F actual air temperature, not counting the windchill) here – I’m so happy to be home and comfy working near the fireplace.
I made myself a yummy lunch and will bake some warm cookies & hot cocoa to greet each of the kids as they get off their respective (3 different) school bus this afternoon.
Tonight I plan to cook Japanese curry for dinner..a cozy meal for a cozy night at home.

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Happy Birthday, @KNOWITALL!

Very nice day here . . . lovely weather, a good hair day, productive work and a great lunch of really spicy Mexican food.

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@ZEPHYRA Nah, I took 30 hard, cried in my beers, at forty I’m just glad to be here I guess, kinda blah, although I will be having some delicious Moscato (wine) later I’m sure!!

Thanks to the rest as well!

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@KNOWITALL 40 was hard on me, but sailed through 50. Whew….it’s all down hill now. lol

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It was a very ordinary day at work but for some reason I couldn’t figure out I felt good. I posted off a grant application for my new heating system later. Maybe it was that.

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I am having a terrific day! Last day of winter break. My best guy friend is working on rebuilding my deck and I am cooking and baking for a dinner UnAnniversary Party I am having on Saturday.

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Finally got my wisdom teeth out after waiting for a month and a half. Feeling miserable but ad at the same time. Plus, the amazing Mr. Wonderful made me smile and dance around on Sunday evening, and I’m still feeling dreamy about him. Feeling generally average, on the whole.

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It’s been pretty average, you guys might get a laugh at my expense out of the foot-in-mouth statement I made today….to a professor.

Fortunately, it’s a young professor, really cool, not intimidating. He teaches my 3D modeling class. I was having trouble modeling hair (it’s hard!). It looked kind of rough, but when I tried to smooth it out, it didn’t really look like hair anymore. The professor walked by and said he thought it was looking good. I pointed out that I thought it looked too rough, but then showed what it looked like smoother and how that was even worse. Then I said (oh god kill me) “but you liked it rough, huh?”

Silence. Then he just started giggling. I realized what I said. “Whoops. That came out wrong.”

Oh lordy.

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Well, it was fine, since I had ibuprofen and paracetamol at my disposal and my antibiotics have kicked in. Much better than yesterday. Also, I cleaned my apartment, which I am pretty proud of, but also have a bad conscience because of, as I am supposed to lie in bed for the rest of the week. The following heat flashes and dizziness reminded me of that and effectively brought me to my knees.
Always look on the bright side of life!

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Well I made plans with this fellow after a brief chat. Not really sure what to expect but there was some attraction and similarities when I met him.

Work was a catch up day from the holiday and since I ate some crap food yesterday I was feeling out of sorts. However I made it.

My car wouldn’t start this morning but I got a jump from this neighbor whom I just met and we ended up having a stimulating conversation.

I meant to go to the gym today and get some paperwork done. I think I will just do some yoga and break up the paperwork into smaller chunks.

My cat is being evil today. But I made some gluten/dairy/egg and yeast free cinnamon raisen bread. I can’t wait to have some been craving it all day.

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It was the coldest day of the year here today. There was a spritz of precipitation that left a very thin layer of ice on parts of the roads. I didn’t know that when I decided to ride my bike to work. It’s been a long time since I rode to work, due to a big project requiring my car last week.

Sometimes people think I’m a nut for riding in weather like this, but I think of our colleagues in Alaska where the temperature is a whole lot colder, riding their bikes in two feet of snow, and I figure I can handle a little ice. Sorry. I wimped out and walked over some patches, like the ones on the bridge past the Art Museum.

But all in all, I feel good for having gotten the exercise. It was made tougher by a wicked hard wind in my face. Both ways. It’s always both ways. That’s just how Philly does it. The city will smack you around any way it can, but in a loving way. Brotherly loving way.

Other than that, it was the first day of the semester and all the kiddies were back. Tons of people lost in the hallways. One person was on the 9th floor and needed to be on the 4th floor. How she didn’t notice that, I don’t know. She had a foreign accent. Maybe 9 looks like 4 to her.

My boss came by in the morning to discuss how things went last week. I told him they went very well, and he went away, seemingly satisfied. Perception is everything. I could tell him I’m perfect, but unfortunately, it wouldn’t matter. He only has so much power. He can’t make the higher ups love us any more than I can. Sigh. They could shut down the department and I have no idea what I’d do then.

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@RandomGirl Did it hurt much when you had your wisdom teeth out? I have to have at least one of mine taken out and I’m worried.

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@Leanne1986 I think @RandomGirl had a general anesthetic. So no! Aw, it will be OK! A friend of mine had four out at the dentist awake. She didn’t feel a thing. however, I am just a chicken shit

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@Shippy I’m wondering if I can get general anesthetic, I too am a chicken shit! I have a feeling they will only do it while I am awake on the NHS and I can’t afford to go private :(

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@Leanne1986 They will drug you up quite nicely and you won’t feel a thing. My daughter had hers out a few years ago and she was so resistant the dentist couldn’t believe how many tranquilizers he had to give her. Goes to show the power of mind. Her boyfriend and I were joking with the dentist after 90 minutes and she still wouldn’t go down! I said he needed an elephant gun. haha

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8:04 on the west coast, a nice cloudy morning and I just saw my giant cat racing up the big oak tree in my front yard. The critters are frisky and I am still having coffee and working on a few new comedic routines. I have notes everywhere with some new ideas.
One of our local wine bars offered me a 2 hour stand up slot for tomorrow night. Are you freaking kidding me!

20 minutes oin stage is an eternity, let alone 2 hours. Damn….thanks for the vote of confidence but, no…there is NO WAY I am ready to pull off a 2 hour show.

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@Coloma Thank you. I’m a big baby I know but I have put this off for a long time because of my dentist phobia. Even having a filling is traumatic for me!

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@Leanne1986 Me too, terrifies me if I have no control over things. I’d rather bash it out with a hammer loll. But yeah if you like that drug feeling it will be great experience. I don’t loll.

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I had another great day, beautiful weather, but humid. Nonetheless, it was great. Mixed some new oils, added some things to it. Walked to the shop, spoke to a few people on the way. Ah, the simple life.

Wish it was not all coming to an end soon.

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@Leanne96 Get the general anesthetic. If you’re like me, you won’t want to have to listen to the crunching, popping, drilling, and all that jazz. Or feel the pushing and pulling. All I remember from it was getting stuck in the arm in three different places (I was really dehydrated from the not drinking anything for 6 hours). When you wake up, you feel fine. Take the pain relievers they give you (thank goodness for Vicodin), make sure you prevent infection, and try not to mess with the stitches. The stitches are the most annoying part. Oh, and you might look like a chipmunk and might not be able to open your mouth completely for a few days. Good luck!

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Apathy has won.

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@RandomGirl Thank you for the advice.

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