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Do you think you will be better at playing guitar when you're good at playing guitar hero ?

Asked by iwamoto (5266points) June 10th, 2008

writing a small piece about games and music, just checking, so I’m looking for reactions from people who don’t play guitar, but play the game

thanks! i’ll post the article when it’s done…it’ll be in dutch though

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No, I don’t really. I think it’s too different. Yeah there’s the timing and the rhythm and dexterity of fingers, but with guitar it’s not just across ways, it’s up and down as well, and you are strumming actual strings, which for certain chords you only strum particular ones or pick particular strings instead of just pressing down one button. Lord knows I’ve tried to play guitar and I’m not any better at it for playing guitar hero.

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No absolutely not. They are completely different. Guitar Hero has in no way, shape or form improved my guitar playing. The only way to improve your guitar playing is to practice on a real guitar. Picking up a guitar after playing Guotar Hero will only leave you with disappointment.

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i should note that i’ve been a guitar player for some years now (i’ve played all the games too) , and it’s nice to see you guys are aware of the difference, i just had the idea that guitar hero players thought of themselves as avid guitar players, thanks for correcting that idea

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Guitar hero promotes hand-eye coordination. Guitar playing requires hand-ear coordination. Not to mention a whole other complex of small muscle dexterity.

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I think the answer to this question is fully explained here.

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Ya I see that a lot. My friends were
playing Guotar Hero and one
of them was doing good so
another person suggested that he pick up guitar. I stated to them the only reason he was good was because he is a drummer and it is a rhythem game. In fact most guotarists I know arent that good at Guitar Hero. I’m the best of my friends and I play guitar, but its only because I can process the notes faster in my head than they can.

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I agree- I am a (real) guitar player and am terrible at Guitar Hero

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I dont play guitar hero but I’ve seen others and theyre two different things. I do not play the guitar either but I do play the ukeleke sometimes. Since the buttons on the guitar for guitar hero are all in one line it isnt going to help you with your finger placement at all. I am not completely sure but I do not think you can strum the guitar for guitar hero, if you can it would not be like strumming at real guitar at all.

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Things may change with the 2009 version of Banjo Hero hit the stores.

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In Slash’s Biography it talks about him and Guitar Hero and how he is useless and is easily beaten by 10 year olds.

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There is no similarity whatsoever. I used to be pretty good at guitar, and I sucked at guitar hero. I think though, that I could learn guitar hero slightly quicker than others. Idk, I pick up things quick anyway though.

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