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Feel like a quick rant?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) January 22nd, 2013

I stand to be corrected but was told this was an innovative invention by a South African company.

Our cigarettes go out constantly. I am not sure as to why. It could be bush fires, or the elderly burning down old age homes, or to finally stop us smoking. I do not know.

I go through, four lighters a week. I light one cigarette at least five times, through the smoking cession. Unless I puff on it constantly. I have even tore a piece of my lip because my fag got stuck there. Yes! I know charming. I know I should stop , but this is a rant loll. What do you think of this atrocity?

Do you have a rant. I am happy to listen!

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I work with a girl who is constantly off work because of a number if excuses. She is off at least once a week and her excuse is always different. She always has some kind of illness or injury and if it’s not for illness she comes up with another excuse. Today she claimed that she couldn’t come in because of the minuscule amount of snow we had last night. Now, no one else struggled to get in to work today and I know from people that live close to her that the roads she has to travel on we’re not affected at all by the snow. Basically she is a massive skiver but her and the boss are best friends (maybe more!) and he covers for her every time. It really gets to me and yes, at times it does directly affect my job.

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My rant hasn’t changed for years. People that have zero conversational skill, and no matter how interesting a topic you bring up, no matter what you say, they never comment, give feedback, ask questions. They just skip right on over and turn the discussion back to all about themselves.
Nothing like talking to a wall, which is the same as talking to yourself, which I don’t mind a bit.
At least I can have an engaging conversation with myself. lol

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My little rant is about how drug companies cater to illegal drug abusers by making a formula that has proven to be effective for pain relief and “dumb it down” by reducing its efficacy so that they, who obtain it illegally won’t overdose. I say fuck them. If they (druggies) were in a diagnosed condition bad enough to really need these meds they wouldn’t use them to get off. That’s because they would realize this to lessen their misery would be the priority. When these are scripted legitimately there is no hoping to get off. I wish they would put them back like they were so they who need them could retain some quality of life. Thanks a lot druggies.

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@Shippy Oh, I occasionally have the same problem with my cigarettes here, too!

Here’s mine:

Fucking people on Facebook constantly posting picture after picture after picture of themselves, always including the gratuitous, “Whoops, you can see down my shirt?” shots and that stupid damned duckface kissy pose. Get some fucking self esteem and stop relying on Facebook people to post all those obligatory “You’re so beautiful!” “Oh, how gorgeous!” “Oooh, you’re a hot mama!” comments to stroke your pathetic ego!!!!! I even know a mid-40’s woman who keeps doing this after getting divorced. She posted a picture of herself that was so skanky, I almost asked her if she had a 1–900 number. And of course, many of her friends play right into her hand and just gush over pictures that either look like shit or look like she should be charging by the minute. Stop it, dammit, just friggingstopit!!!


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I got my W2 today and I made less again since we were cut off commission for regular staffers, so going on nine years and still not over $30k, pissed!!

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Sky television annoys me because they charge so much to watch programmes stuffed with adverts. If you want HD they will charge extra. If you want to see sport you have to subscribe to a separate ‘package’. Because they rake in so much they can outbid the publicly funded BBC for sporting rights and so they corner the market. Unlike the BBC they produce little original content. The profits, which are immense, go into the pockets of Rupert Murdoch and the shareholders. </rant>

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Some people are such complete, bogus, and unrepentant idiots. They constantly peddle bogus information, and when I have the temerity to call them on their bogosity, using evidence, they don’t give a shit, and just berate me about how stupid I am. They have no idea of who they are. They are completely clueless. It’s simply disgusting. I think they are probably “touched” in the head.

I really wouldn’t mind, but they always go after me. Ridiculous. I don’t even know why I spend any time thinking about them. It’s not as if they demonstrate any thinking ability. But they can sure talk! Mouth, ass, it doesn’t matter. Still sounds like English, although it never makes any sense.

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I still can’t figure out how to teach my kid to handle mean kids. You can only say “shut up” so many times, you know? Sure you want to cheer when the mean-ass kid gets punched in the face, but you can’t do that, because you want your own kid to be a perfect non-violent, non-douchebag kid. And you also don’t want to tell him to just do what is “normal” so he doesn’t get picked on in the first place, because you want him to be smart/an individual/not a sheeple.

Ugh. Parenting. It’s hard when you want to be good at it.

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@Seek_Kolinahr It sounds funny, but I love hearing parents saying that, because it means they actually pay attention and try to raise good people.

Unfortunately I don’t hear it much…lol

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My one friend is depressed about, in my opinion, silly stuff (I know it’s not my place to judge), and won’t go to therapy. His therapy substitute is texting me little frowny faces and melodramatic one-liners all day long. He shoots down every optimistic suggestion or observation I make, yet gets angry if I say he has a negative attitude. I was a good friend to him for awhile but at this point I’m just fucking irritated.

Oh and I had to dodge a bat in the hallway of my dorm this morning.

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I fortunately haven’t experienced this too much in my four years of college, but I’m in a class where it happens every lecture now, that is, people making obnoxious irrelevant outbursts or turning the class into their personal political soapbox. I swear, the next time it happens I will be telling the person to shut up, even if it takes an outburst to stop this bullshit. I had that happen in a class once—it was a history class that covered the Crusades and this one guy would make anti-Muslim statements sometimes and disguise them as questions, and the professor would just say nothing, pretending like it wasn’t happening, but finally someone called him out on it and people loved that. Some things just have to be said and if the professor won’t or can’t say anything, then I will.

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