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Are you a nerd? Do you use your brain to hurt people?

Asked by phaedryx (6110points) January 22nd, 2013

Alex Jones is on to you:

yeah, a little old, but I came across it again today and it gave me a chuckle

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Can us “nerds” get together and write an algorithm that can identify “crazy”? It should be relatively easy to identify that way of talking, including the shitty accent, hand waving, and extreme paranoia. That way, we could write a browser extension to filter this crap from our youtube experience.

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I mess with dumb women sometimes, because it’s insulting to my gender….lol, but it’s okay because they often don’t know what I’m talking about at all.

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“They use their brains to hurt people, and I’m aware of them…”

Good. Pass the word. Then maybe the jocks would stop using their fists and their social status to hurt us, and we would no longer feel the need for slow, painful, enduring retribution, usually in the form of highly addictive pharmaceutical painkillers.

Aw… hurt your back playing football with your idiot friends? Here, take some of these. Oh, take more. More. More. Oh, you’re addicted. Darn. Now you’re life is over? Bet you wish you hadn’t broken my glasses in the locker room, huh?

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I’m only sort-of joking

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No I don’t. I don’t like hurting people. Except….. [spacy transition music]

The only people I will hurt is people who have hurt me. And once you’ve gone after me, then forget it. You’re on my shit list. You can be sure that everything I say is a way of making you pay. You just have to figure it out. It’s there, but it won’t be easy to see. Although other people will see it. People who are smarter than you. You won’t know why they’re looking at you with that expression on their faces. What do they know that you don’t? But of course, you can’t figure it out, can you?

Should have thought of that before you went after me.

[end revenge fantasy]

Yeah. Pretty pathetic nerd revenge.

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@wundayatta Get ‘em Tiger- lol…that was great!

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I’m a nerd, and I certainly use my brain to hurt people.

’‘rips out brain from ears, along with spine, and swings it all around to knock the shit out of Fluther’’

Flawless Bictoly, bros.

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