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Undergraduate Jellies, would you mind taking 5 minutes to help out an underpaid TA with a survey?

Asked by bookish1 (13147points) January 22nd, 2013

For a teaching class, I am supposed to interview 3 undergrads about the role of courses and schoolwork in their lives. But I am not teaching this semester, only grading, so I don’t know any undergrads of whom I could ask this favor.

If you could take the time to answer these questions, here or via PM, I would be most appreciative. Single sentence responses would be fine, and I’ll keep your answers anonymous, of course.

1) What is your list of daily priorities like between school, work, health, activities and social life, etc.?

2) What are you hoping to get out of your undergraduate degree?

Thank you and much lurve in advance!!!

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1. Health is #1 always. If I feel my body tensing up with stress, I make it my priority to relieve that. If I notice work piling up, I work hard at it, but I do everything I can to avoid depriving myself of sleep. Work is my next priority, although I don’t really go “above and beyond.” I get my work done, and I always start it early, but I don’t do much studying beyond doing homework on a regular basis. This is partially because of motivation issues and partially because I feel confident enough in class to get away without it. My social life is very important to me too. When I have free time, and I do tend to have free time, I hang out with people, particularly my boyfriend. On weekends I go to parties. I’m an officer for a comedy group, so I am committed to going to twice weekly meetings and other events for that, and I work it into my schedule just fine. I am a busy lady, and some days I feel run ragged, but I’ve come to enjoy being so busy, which is awesome. I like all the things that are keeping me so busy.

2. These days I care more about the ride than the end result! I am loving college and I never want to graduate. The experiences and memories I am making as so valuable to me. With the end result, I guess my number one goal is employment. As far as self-fulfillment, I am hoping to use my degree (computer science) for something interesting or “noble”, like scientific pursuits or streamlining important processes like hospital admittance and care. CS has so many applications that I feel I will find something worthwhile to use my knowledge and abilities on.

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Thank you kindly @Mariah! And best of luck to you :)

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1. Family (husband and kids) come first; school is second, then work (I have a work study job so it works out pretty well.
2. I am getting a teaching credential but what I am really hoping to do is go straight to graduate school.

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Thank you very much, @SuperMouse ! Good luck finishing up and getting into grad school.

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1. Watching son, getting son to and fro from babysitter.
2. A job that pays at least 40,000 starting

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@pleiades : Thank you, and no doubt you’ll be making far more than I do with that B.A. ;)

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This is more than three, but just for the hell of it…

1) I attend classes all day two days per week and I have night classes two nights per week. I work on an on-call basis at a bank three days per week, when needed. My other major priority is my marriage and I juggle household duties such as cooking, cleaning, caring for pets, etc. I have to squeeze in time for anything else and don’t have much of a social life. I’m lucky to not need to study much to do well, but if I must, I do so on weekends. We will occasionally double date with another couple, but that’s about it.

2) I am hoping for the skills necessary to be happy and successful working in the criminal justice field and use my psychology background to better understand criminal offenders and assist them in becoming more productive citizens. A good salary would be a plus, but I’ll settle for decent.

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Thank you @livelaughlove21. I feel ya on the decent salary ;)

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I don’t know if my response could be in any way valid, since I’ve been “an undergrad” for 39 years now.

1. I no longer attend formal schooling, except on an occasional basis as it relates to my current employment (whatever that might be from time to time).

2. I have no plans to receive a degree. While I was in school it seemed to me that “a degree” was simply a ticket to the employers’ ball, and nothing that I’ve discovered since has disabused me of that notion. Obviously, I’ve also developed the notion that those tickets can be scalped, and there are other entries to the ball that don’t require that ticket at all.

I do like learnin’, however.

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