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Is there ever a logical reason to be rejected by a guy?

Asked by Moonaa (134points) January 22nd, 2013

I hate to ask something like this on Fluther. All of the questions are so interesting and I seem to always ask stupid questions about surviving high school.

But I literally have no one to talk to about it! Specifically right now, I have a guy that sort of rejected me…he said he wasn’t focused on girls at the moment but that he thinks I’m “cool”.

I’m looking for wisdom here.

And the wisdom I need is regarding this guy and many others before him.
They’ve all rejected me.

But I don’t see why. In my own self image, I think I’m mature and maybe smarter than average, I’m interesting in a way because I’m an artist, I’m friendly (I literally talk to anyone who talks to me as if they’re my best friend), and I don’t think physical appearance should matter, but my friends have encouraged me to apply to a modeling agency due to my height and apparently my “natural beauty”.

So what about that guy? We’re not great friends, but we know each other. I suggested we just be friends but he basically blew me off and changed the subject.

He knows I like him. A friend of mine told him and I apologized and confirmed it. And he just told me the same thing that he’s not “focusing on girls right now”.

I can respect that, but he doesn’t even want to talk to me. He has made no attempts and I’ve passed him in the hall and he doesn’t even look.

He’s not popular or cocky…he’s actually really shy and geeky.

So…I don’t know…should I try to talk to him and if so…about what? I don’t get to see him, we have no classes or lunch together.

Or should I forget about him? The thing is I’ve liked him for more than a year and from what I’ve heard from mutual friends and the few times I’ve spoken to him, we have a lot in common.

So why’s he rejecting me? If it was a matter of not knowing me well enough, why isn’t he trying to be my friend?

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