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Does anyone have the 8gig iPod touch? How is it?

Asked by bridold (638points) June 10th, 2008
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when you ask how is it, do you mean in comparison to the other touches because of size limitations or do you mean how is the ipod touch in general

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In general and in comparison, I guess.
I may be getting it for my birthday, but I want to make sure it’s worth the money.


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sure it’s worth the money, it’s not only a full functional music, photo and video player with the best features, it’s also a web navigator, it lets you read your mail on the go, it’s got everything you’d want, how could it not be worth the money ?

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I think the iPhone is completely worth it, but not sure about the Touch. My brother has one and its ok. It can’t use Internet without wifi and for most people if they’re are in a wifi area there is most likely already a computer there they can use. Its also more expensive for less amount of music.

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come to think of it, an 8gb iphone 3g is cheaper then an 8gb touch, so if you’re planning on getting a new phone anyway…

although i think they’ll drop the touch price as well, otherwise the thing would never sell

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@iwamoto, yeah but the iphone requires the phone service which costs 70 bucks a month, so its definitely not cheaper, at least not legally

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I love my ipod, just really upset to hear that I could have an iPhone for the same price (of course I would have had to wait a little while to be able to get a used one off ebay and unlock it)

A lot of people worry about the battery life (I did .. extremely), but you know, it hasn’t died on me yet once, the lowest I got it was around %20 percent one day, but that was after not charging it for 3 days. I love it, but I really wish it had a camera built in (screw the phone, a camera.. here let me explain) if the ipod touch had a camera, then you could easily take a picture, and send it via email whenever you get back home or whatever, it just.. makes sense!
I understand it’s supposed to be in the ipod class, but it has way more potential for its price than what it deserves.

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I have an 8 gb Touch & I love it. I can’t wait for the new App Store. Been debating on whether to jailbreak and was hoping the App Store would be accessible Monday :( Have to wait til July now, I guess. Also, I see the new iPhone will cost me less than my Touch did. If I were willing to switch from T-Mobile to AT&T…. which I’m not, at this time. I think carrier restrictions put a damper on people wanting to buy the iPhone, unless they’re willing to unlock it.

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Well I just got one for free last week, so yea, excellent value!!
But seriously, so far so good – I’m comparing it to my other iPods and my iPhone and apart from no speakers and camera, it’s pretty cool! Far nicer than the other iPods, but the iPhone still has those extra features….

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Thank you for all your answers, I really appreciate it. I think i’ll invest in one – besides, it’s a bday gift so really I’m not paying anything. I just had other things on my list that I was thinking about getting , but this was at the top.

I would get an iphone, but I don’t want to pay for the service.

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You should really look at the 16 GB or 32 GB versions, they aren’t that much more expensive and they will come in handy when the App Store is released, the cap for Apps is 2GB file size, and while they don’t have to be that large that is a huge amount of space taken up on a device with on 8GB of storage!

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not much more expensive?! They are $100 more expensive each level.

The 8gb is perfect, listen you’ll be charging it fairly often, and so you just change your music (make a playlist and set your ipod to use that playlist for best results).

Plus the current apps right now are still under 100mb (and thats for the largest ones), i don’t think there are any developers crazy to make their app 2gb that’s just insane.

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