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How do I keep the albums in Google's Picasa2?

Asked by Evan (805points) July 3rd, 2007

I moved from one computer to the other, and had to reinstall Picasa on the new computer - does anyone know if there's a way to keep the albums when you move computers? I tried (at first) just copying the whole directory instead of doing a reinstall, and even though the program ran fine, it still didn't retain the albums. Does anyone know perhaps where those files are stored?

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evan, you will need to create a back up of your albums from your old computer onto a disk. Heres how:

Using Picasa's backup feature, you can burn your photos to CD or DVD. This backup set will allow you to install your photos as you have arranged them onto a new computer.

Follow the steps below to create a backup:

1. Click the Tools menu and select "Backup Pictures".
2. To backup all video files in Picasa, click on "New Set" in the Step 1 section, click on "Select All." in the Step 2 section.
3. If you wish to back up select files, click the empty boxes next to the folders you wish to backup (on the left side of the backup screen). Only check-marked folders will be included in the backup.
4. The blue bar above the "Burn" button will state how many blank CD or DVDs will be needed to complete the backup. Insert your blank CD or DVD, wait 20 seconds for Windows to read the disk, then click the "Burn" button.
5. When you insert this backup into a new computer, you will be prompted to restore your photos. You can choose to have the photos copied back to their original locations or you can select a new location for your photos.

The backup does not install Picasa. You will need to download and install Picasa from our site:

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thanks Mizra! that's good to know. It seems to bad that there's not a way to do it w/o backing up the files directly through Picasa (if, for instance, I was just backing everything up on an external hd) but that's good to know!

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its MIRZA - you are like the third person on fluther to mispell my name. Imagine whhat happens in real life

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shites! sorry yo. i'm naturally dyslexic. thanks for the correction. :)

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i’m a complete novice trying to find my way around on my own. It’ s awesome,but fun.

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I’m a complete novice, trying to find my way around. Doing well, but it’s awesome and challenging. Thanks.

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