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How long does 'return to sender' mail take to be returned?

Asked by baseone (14points) January 23rd, 2013

I mailed the letter to an inmate in the county jail within my city. The letter was denied, it was inspected for contraband & unfortunately had to much of a substance (perfume).

About how long will it take for that letter to leave the facility and reach a post office?
How long might it take for the post office to deliver it back to me?

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Who knows? There are too many variables. The prison could hold onto it for a while. It could be a week or more.

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This isn’t “return to sender” by the Post Office, it may never get back to you because there isn’t an obligation for the Jail to pay the postage to return it.

How do you know why it wasn’t given to the inmate? Did they tell the inmate? Next time, follow the rules and your message will get to the right person at the jail.

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@zenvelo , The officers sent the inmate a notice & the inmate then contacted me via phone.

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So what they told you was your letter wasn’t delivered. Don’t expect to get it back, just send another, this time, no perfume.

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Perfume is a contraband substance?!?!

Heroin and cocaine are contraband; perfume smells nice.

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@PaulSadieMartin, they make a BBQ sauce substitute with ketchup and coffee mixed together, who knows what they can make with a perfume I guess lol

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@baseone If you’d tried to mail a bottle of perfume to an inmate, I could understand why the bottle would be confiscated. Perfume contains alcohol. Also, you could have mixed who-knows-what into the liquid.

But, I’m stunned that perfume, sprayed on a letter, could be considered contraband. The alcohol evaporates almost immediately, along with any other liquid content, leaving nothing but a scent.

Oh, well…

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