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Will someone with a lot of disposable income please buy me this?

Asked by Seek (34714points) January 23rd, 2013
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Go for it in installments! Still not possible?

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But it’s only $381…......................................................................

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The price of a Nexus 10 or thereabouts. You could have virtual jellyfish floating around, and be able to watch movies when you wanted.

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@erichw1504 That’s half my rent. That’s food for a month and a power bill. I rely on gifts from strangers for nerdy toys. Which is why my toy supply is sadly lacking.

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@Seek_Kolinahr If you rely on gifts from strangers, then you must properly express your thanks upon receiving such a gift. Proper thanks generally ensures a steady flow of gifts. Or so I’m told.

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I would love a chance to practice giving appropriate thanks. Please, give me that opportunity.

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I would, but i’ve no bloody idea where you live & anyway, i’d want a hug in return, so that’s never gonna happen…unless we both had really, really long arms.

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If you get the tank, I’ll send the squishy!

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I LOVE the squishies!

Seriously, though, as soon as I get a bigger house, I’m totally getting a tank with jellyfish and at least one octopus.

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That is totally awesome.

(Catch some jellyfish and make one?) Just a thought.

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OK commenters on the ThinkGeek site suggest there’s a cheaper way to get this kind of system going. Looking into this.

I work at the reception desk, so my cubicle-toy options are limited. I might be able to get away with a small fishtank. This needs to happen.

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Aww…. must be kept out of direct sunlight. Damn.

My desk abuts a window-wall. Damn window-wall.

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$382, for a sad looking snowman….?

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Whoa dude, that kicks ass. I want a squishy too.

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@rebbel I like the way you see things. :)

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@rebbel , rebbel they tore your dress. Hot tramp, I love you so! Where ya been, boyo?

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I am living off grid right now and my Internet is really slow. When I saw that it was loading something from Think Geek I thought it might be something I could afford to buy you. Sorry friend but I can’t sneak THAT purchase past hubby.
What was that website where they collected money for the bus driver who was bullied? Maybe if everyone pitched in a few bucks we could get it for you.

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If you perform some research, you might simply set up your own tank for a cheaper amount, and buy the jellyfish from here.

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Or, you can do some arbitrage and combine products from several websites.
This website sells the full product under the name “1 Jelly Kit.” This is in fact the same exact product that is listed at ThinkGeek.

It costs $382 and includes the tank, 1 small moon jellyfish, and a 3 ounce food supply. The three ounce supply doesn’t seem like a lot, but the site says that it is actually enough to feed three jellyfish for three months, and the kit only has 1 jellyfish.

Buying only the tank costs $285
Buying the 1 small moon jelly costs $20 at this site
Buying the 3 ounce food supply costs $30

There, I just saved you $47 without any effort.

The only thing I would be concerned about is some sort of warranty on the jellyfish, as we want to make sure that it is guaranteed to be healthy upon arrival.

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Man, I loved this thing when I saw it on Kickstarter. So fun! Too bad my kitties would eat my squishies. And that I am flat-broke, of course!

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I think it equates to cashing in about 75,000 lurve.

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Awesome Jellytank! Try the website idea :)

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@blueiiznh I don’t think there’s a market for lurve, but I would happily donate mine to @Seek_Kolinahr if you could get her the jellyfish bowl for all that lurve.

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Is it just me or is the word ’‘squishies’’ totally the cutest word that exists lol?

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@Symbeline : It’s not just you. That’s so cute O_O Can we all start calling each other squishies now instead of jellies???

@Seek_Kolinahr: I’d happily chip in if you started an online “Buy Seek a Squishy” fund.

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@bookish1 I’m doing it. From now on, I’m replacing jellies with squishies.

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SQUISH the collective!!

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Dr Squishy?

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I’m watching Fluther like a hawk, waiting for a legitimate opportunity to call people squishies.

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I stared openly at some nice tits & the wife kicked me right in the squishies, at least they were for a while after :-(

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“Squishy?” he says, looking downward into his lap.

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Just a little word to the wise here…6 gallons is really small for a saltwater tank which is an often precarious ecosystem to maintain even under the largest and best of circumstances.

Years ago when contemplating setting up a fish tank I was taken by the vibrant colors of saltwater fish vs. freshwater. But after quite a bit of research and discovering how quickly a saltwater tank can go downhill, I decided I wasn’t up to that intensive a maintenance requirement.

But if that appeals to you then go-ahead. But thingsvwill be so much more stable with a 10–15 gallon tank (at the minimum).

Just for curiosity, does that price tag include a really kickass pump and filter? If not, better plan on adding one into the total cost unless you want to find your beloved little squishy dead one day . And it had better be a really good filter system.

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@Buttonstc It does include the special Squishy-friendly filter, which cleans the water without causing the Squishy-killing current.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I’m Squishy-friendly. Just sayin’

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I wasn’t referring to current but rather to things like the buildup of toxins from waste, maintaining proper ph and salinity etc. All of these are much more difficult with saltwater tanks than freshwater.

Obviously, the larger the tank, the greater the margin of error.

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I like to Squish my Friends.

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