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Could Superman be back up for Santa's sleigh in an emergency (details inside)

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) January 23rd, 2013

… seeing that superman can time travel. Could Superman get a bulk price from the Alberta Tar Sands for oil instead of coal?

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Yes, if he learns Futures and Options fast!!

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He’d have to put his underpants beneath his tights, don’t want to scare the kids on crimbo eve.

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Why would Superman need to get Alberta Tar Sands or any other source of energy? He could just tie a string around his neck and pull the sleigh himself without any reindeer.

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Unlike Santa, Superman is not real. So Superman couldn’t help. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Also, I do not believe Superman dabbles in tar sands futures or coal futures.

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Don’t forget the Tooth Fairy. Oh, and Tinkerbell could sprinkle pixie dust…

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You believe in Superman and Santa?
In make believe Santa’s helpers would be his back up.

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