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How many fingers do you use to type?

Asked by girlofscience (7550points) June 10th, 2008

I use 7. I use most fingers, but I don’t use either of my thumbs (I press space with my right index finger), and I don’t use my right-hand pinky (not sure why).

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9. i don’t think i use my left thumb

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Traditional touch typing has one use the eight fingers. The thumbs are for space bar (but I never did learn how you hit the numbers without peeking.(

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@ccatron: Before I asked this question, I thought the same thing! I thought I used all of them aside from my left thumb. But when I made myself type a paragraph to make sure, I realized that I actually use 2 less than I thought.

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8 fingers + left thumb. I never use my right thumb, not even for the space bar (only my left thumb does that) – this was the way we were taught.

Also, I rarely use the left shift key, unless it’s for something on the right half of the number row – like the brackets.

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I use all except my left thumb it seems.

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I use 8. No thumbs for me

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i use 9, because i dont use my left thumb, but i barely use my pinkies

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All Ten. A lot of the keyboard shortcuts I use favor my left hand (often left thumb+index).

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10 – or 8 fingers and 2 thumbs – although I just realised after reading these responses, I only use my left thumb for commands, which is part of operating the keyboard, so I’m gonna count it!
Oh, and sometimes I type with toes and my nose, but that’s just when I’m being silly or very bored!

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I use 9, typically. It’s very rare that I use my left thumb, which seems to be the norm. Poor left thumb. I think I’ll try letting him space bar more often.

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Straight text, eight fingers and one thumb. General use, eight fingers and two thumbs, like wildflower I use a lot of shortcut commands that entail using the left thumb as well.

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having skipped typing class in high school, i never really “learned”. i use anything from one to five, depending on the set up and what i’m typing.

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6, both thumbs, index, and middle and I have to look at keyboard.:)

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All of them. I rarely use my right pinky finger and left thumb though.

Does anyone use both shift buttons? I only hit the left one, even if im typing letters that would require my left pinky to hit them, i just slide my hand over.

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I use both shift keys. I use the shift key on the opposite side of where the key I need in CAP is.
It’s funny, I really don’t think I’ve paid this much attention to my typing since I first learned to type (and yea, I’m so retro that it was typewriting class!)

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@uberbatman – yes, i use both shift keys. like wildflower said, it just depends on the key you are trying to capitalize.

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Okay, some times three when I get real brave and use my thumb on the space bar…

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All of them. I hated typing in high school. Had no idea how valuable it is to me now. Can’t imagine using two fingers!

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Hey any… um….Baby Boomers out there remember IBM Selectric? THAT was state-of-the art!

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@MacBernac:Not only do I remember the IBM Selectric; but I remembered how innovative and easy we thought it was to use. In college, I had an earlier generation that you had to pound. in. (With individual keys that stuck, and a ribbon to change that left ink all over one’s fingers.)

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Seven. No pinkies, no left thumb except when executing a command like Alt + Tab or Ctrl + 1.

Depending on the letter preceding the space I use either my right thumb or my right index. Whichever is closer.

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Answer (after writing all the crap below): I use 8 fingers to type, but all 10 fingers have some use on my laptop).

hmm its hard to tell without actually typing something, so here is something useless to type about whilst I watch my hands at play but not actually looking at the keys they are hitting, wow this is really fun especially when I am making mistakes.

Going from my right hand (small finger) to left hand small finger (from 10–1):

10 – return key
9 – delete key
8 – rarely use /edit I actually use it for the up/down arrows when using the arrow keys
7 (index): – most of the right hand side of the qwerty keyboard including keys 7 to = besides above
6 – space

5 – rested on space but never actually hits it (I am right handed so might explain why) /edit I actually use this to hit the left mouse button on my laptop (when I am not double clicking the mousepad for some reason such as scrolling on a page (where my index finger is scrolling on the mousepad).
4 (index) – numbers up to 6, and with 3 and 2 they type most of the left hand side of the keyboard
3 – see above
2 – see above
1 – caps lock, shift, ctrl, fn, tab

What is interesting is where peoples range are for each hands mine seems to be around bhu on the qwerty keyboard – where I type bhy with my right hand although the y is slightly debatable depending where my hands are at the time (ie typing “typing and my left hand would be typing the y, but typing “dye” and my right hand would hit the y).

Its probably more complex than this, and more based on where my hands are at the relative point of typing a letter, but this is based on 5–10 mins worth of observation.

Hope you enjoyed the wonderful indepth analysis :D

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