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How does being loved feel?

Asked by MilkyWay (13685points) January 23rd, 2013

How does it feel, can you describe it to me? Emotionally and mentally?

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When you’re totally in love with another person, and they share it completely, it’s out of this world. Think of someone who wants to take care of your every want and need, who has your back if the chips are down, who accepts you for yourself completely. It’ll completely relax you and make you feel so serene. it’s the complete opposite of conflict.

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It’s very empowering. When I get home, she’s there to meet me at the door. She listens to every word that I say, nearly always without interruption. She’s always content to stay home and watch a movie, or to go anywhere I want to take her. (She’s in heaven when I take her anywhere with me.) She never complains about the restaurant or the service, and she likes nearly all of my friends.

And when I let her out to go relieve herself in the back yard and then stand at the door to let her right back in if it’s rainy or cold, she’s always appreciative.

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@CWOTUS Do you give her the occassional treat for good behavior?

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I wouldn’t want the OP to think I have to pay for it.

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Like a soft, furry blanket wrapping you up safe and warm. For me it is feeling secure that my partner loves me for who I am. I can throw a tanty or burst into tears or laugh manically or say something truly absurd (and have done all of these things) and he will still love me. He might think I’m a nutter, but he accepts that’s who I am and that’s okay with him. It’s knowing if things go wrong, I have a safe person I can go to and he will hug me and let me know what really matters or if I need it, tell me the truth without mincing words. It’s the wonder of having someone who just ‘gets’ you. You can be quiet together or totally crazy and do silly things.

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That was what I meant to say, @Bellatrix.

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@Bellatrix Beautiful answer.
@CWOTUS At least you’re getting some. There’s always a cost. A milkbone is pretty cheap.

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I liked your version @CWOTUS. I could relate it to the relationship I have with my ‘furry’ fella. Thanks @Adirondackwannabe.

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For me, it was the most powerful happiness I’ve ever felt.

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All silky and smooth, with a hint of chocolate.

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I like what @Bellatrix said, being loved means that you know you have a safe person.
For me that means someone who can calm me down just by being in the same room as I am, but even more by holding me close. It just makes everything else much less important.

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I don’t remember.

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@chyna Ouch. That hurt. :(

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@chyna You’re not the only one… That’s the reason why I asked this question, because I couldn’t remember what being loved felt like =\

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Yowza, you got me trying to remember too, @MilkyWay.
I felt really safe to be my secret profound and silly self.

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If any of you fine ladies get within arm’s reach of me, you’d find out what it feels like. Rowr.

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Aw, I love you guys. <3

I couldn’t really say it any better than @Bellatrix has. It’s a warm, peaceful feeling.

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With you there @chyna and @bookish1 oh and you too @MilkyWay.

I will say that I have people that love me and that I am comfortable to be myself to share my fears hopes and dreams with. But there are degrees of seperation.

I remember my best and truest love. His hug was like coming home. Dipped in acceptance and understanding. He would listen to me rant. Sometimes he would rant back. We would pester each other until we went to bed and could never sleep apart when we were under the same roof no matter how mad we were.

He would try to help me work through fears or we would tackle problems together discussing them. Some of our best days were cocooned together enjoying our sense of humor, our art sharing with each other, observing one another and using that to bring us closer together.

Its beautiful and time flies by. Maybe my memory had sugar coated everything.

I am currently in very loving relationship with one demanding pussy that I find rewarding in it’s own unique way.

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It makes me feel like walking on air. No, wait, that’s falling in love. Being loved by someone gives me a feeling of groundedness, calm, and competence.

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Read this in my book at bedtime last night:

“How can I find words? Poets have taken them all, and left me with nothing to say or do—-”
“Except to teach me for the first time what they meant.”
He found it hard to believe.
“Have I done that?”
“Oh, Peter—- ” Somehow she must make him believe it, because it mattered so much that he should. “All my life I have been wandering in the dark——but now I have found your heart——-and am satisfied.”
“And what do all the great words come to in the end, but that?—- I love you—- I am at rest with you—I have come home.”

Dorothy L. Sayers, Busman’s Honeymoon (New York: Harper & Row, 1937), 234.

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The feel of freedom, acceptance and giving without wanting back – from both partners! That together = passion, happiness, good health a feel of surrealism and pure magic!

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