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What is that freaky surfing thingy in the Honda commercial?

Asked by syz (35506points) January 23rd, 2013

Ok, there’s some pretty cool stuff in here but what is that surf board doing??

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It’s a kind of hydroplane. A hydroplaning surfboard. Here’s a video for you.

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That’s a hydrofoil. Pretty neat, eh?

Here is what it looks like as a sailboat. This is the Moth.

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That looks so fun! I had no idea they existed, so I’m glad you asked the question, @syz, and for the answers given by @wundayatta and @CWOTUS.

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I was gonna answer this, but then I saw that raining swing, and I thought to myself…man, if I buy that car, is my world going to be this cool?

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I thought it was pierced on to the back of a shark!!!!!!!

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I want one of those hovercrafts!!! or the parasail with engine!!!

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