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What are the main differences between Mac OS X and Vista?

Asked by Edgarex86 (110points) June 10th, 2008

I just recently became a convert to Mac, but I just want to know the basics of the differences.

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well do you mean interface differences or do you mean the way the software is actually designed?

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check out it will answer a lot more questions.

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well I meant the differences between software, but thanks for the get a mac link

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well there are actually not a lot of differences in the things that you can do, its just a lot of differences in how you do them and how well they work. Microsoft has really copied apple to the point where they have most of the same things, in my opinion though the things in Vista dont work nearly as well. the OSX user experience is overall much more enjoyable

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About 10 years.

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Mac OSX runs a Unix FreeBSD type operating system. It is very stable and a great operating system as far as stability goes. Microsoft Vista is a new product that has quite a few bugs that really need to be worked out. If you get frustrated with bad performance and bugs, the Mac OS is the way to go. If you are going to Microsoft route, use XP while Microsoft works out all the bugs with Vista.

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vista bites and mac doesn’t

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I agree with loser! Vista bites.

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Same here. I had a PC and I WILL NEVER SWITCH BACK! unless you cant Boot Camp on Mac.

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