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Best cheapest dirt devil type hand held vac?

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 24th, 2013
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This is the cheapest one I’ve found. I owned one once—seemed okay, but not great.

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Make sure you read the bad reviews tucked among “This is the holy grail of hand-held vacs. it cleans, mops, polishes and makes chicken soup.”

I have returned to a dust pan and broom and one serious cannister vac.The gadgets are all crap.

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Just don’t get the one I got. It was heavy and burst into flames the second time I used.

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^^^Brand and model number?

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Stay away from this devil. Got it because of its elegant design but can’t suck one single hair strand from the floor. : (

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@rosehips I’ll be sure not to get the…?

Thanks for the help jells.

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Oh god I can’t remember it was red and a dirt devil brand.

I just decided to skip that whole brand. But it could have just been a chance in a million.

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This one is pretty good for the price. I own one and, like the review says, the battery power is not very long lasting but since it’s for small cleanups it’s enough for me. I’ve had it 5 years and it has held up well. I use it to clean the carpeting on my stairs and getting into small corners etc. The price given here is a bargain. I paid more. I bought mine at BB&B but I don’t think it’s available there anymore. I have had bad experiences with this brand but this model in particular I can recommend.

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Agree wth @mazingerz88. The two Devil poducts I owned, I have to say counter intuitively, sucked.

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