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Has the world completely exhausted funny "knock-knock" jokes?

Asked by ETpro (34428points) January 24th, 2013

Here’s just a few of the chronicles of knock knock jokes out there:
•     ’‘Knock Knock Jokes: Nothing But Clean Knock Knock Jokes’’
•     ’‘Let us create the world’s largest collection of Knock Knock jokes’’
•     And the book, The World’s Greatest Collection of Knock Knock Jokes
Are we there yet. Have we exhausted the supply, or can you make up one more that Google and Bing haven’t ever heard of?

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Who’s there?

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Here’s a 4 tier one, good for the Easter season. I didn’t find it in your books.

Ether bunny

Samoa ether bunnies

Estelle moa ether bunnies

Consumption be done about all theeth ether bunnies?

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No, the interrupting cow joke still makes me fall over laughing.

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Whenever anyone attempts to tell me a knock-knock joke, I shut them down thus…
“What’s the matter with the fucking doorbell then?”

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Until the government has complete control of our minds, we will keep coming up with knock-knock jokes. lol

This one is my favorite to tell someone.

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I don’t understand them, I am afraid (although I might have been taught them earlier on Fluther, but my mind is a sieve).
But, I will try
Who’s there?
Bob Dylan

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^^They may not be worth your while to ‘get.’ Generally, they aren’t very funny. They’re mostly puns and everyone knows that’s the lowest form of humor, by definition.
The next line in the one you’re trying to invent is “Bob Dylan who? This is followed by something funny, but often stupid. You would turn Dylan into a verb and follow with the rest of a sentence. I couldn’t figure out how to do that with Dylan. Let’s try “Bob Hope who?” Bob Hope was hopelessly lost in Hopi territory. Ooh. Really lame. I apologize.

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@Sunny2: Why are puns the lowest form of humor, by definition? I have never heard this definition! I would have guessed that bathroom humor would be the lowest form of humor… Or maybe dick jokes.

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@bookish1 I agree, but a punster is the lowest form of human.

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^^^ Monster punster. Do not encourage.

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Come in…

I disagree about puns being a low form of comedy. Yea a lot can be really groan worthy but coming up with good puns on the spot requires quick thinking and wit IMO.

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who’s there?
Police! Open up or we’ll bash the door down!

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Who’s there?
Boo who?
Open the door or I’ll give you something to really cry about!

Who’s there?
Datsun who?
Datsun of a bitch who renamed your car!

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And then there’s the one the new movie Argo is based on:
knock knock
who’s there?
Argo who?
Arrr go fuck yerself!

[but of course that really dates back to when the original operation was planned.]

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About puns being the lowest form of humor, I’ve heard or read it said by literary type humorists like Bennett Cerf. Louis Untermeyer, and H.Allen Smith. You don’t have to agree.

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@janbb ETpro.

@Sunny2 Ha! I love the lithp.

Look Chet, Consumption be done about all theeth ether bunnies?
Sorry, not Chet.

@bookish1 Let’s milk it for all it’s worth then.

@ucme I’m the fucking doorbell repairman, for chrisakes. Let me in.

@Self_Consuming_Cannibal Ever run into someone who had a ready comeback?

@rebbel “Knock Knock Knocking on Heaven’s Door”. And when it opens, I find out that even God can’t work “Bob Dylan” into a knock-knock joke.

@Sunny2 I think @rebbel understands puns perfectly. His answer was one. And if everyone knows puns are the lowest form of humor, then:

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Avery Who?
Certainly not Avery One!

@uberbatman Exactly the point Avery was trying so pathetically to promote.

@reijinni Ok, I’ll play your game, but you better have a worthy comeback:

who’s there?
Police! Open up or we’ll bash the door down!
Police! Open up or we’ll bash the door down Who?

@bookish1 Great answer!

@Brian1946 The Boo Who one I’d heard. Datsun of a gun who came up the other one is pretty creative.

@anartist Anybody who wants to claim puns are the lowest form of humor needs to spend enough study time they eventually “get” that excellent answer.

@Sunny2 I’ve read it too. I’ve also read that the Earth is flat and that the Sun orbits it.

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Perhaps we should all try to write an original knock knock joke. We’e a bunch of clever folks here, right?

@ETpro I didn’t say anything about puns being the lowest form of humor puzzled
@rebbel‘s challenge—a good bob dylan knock knock joke

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Well, I hadn’t encountered the Boo Who one outside of my own attempt. I guess AMTA. ;-)

Here’s another groaner I swear I’ve never seen or heard before:

Who’s there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad you didn’t open your door? I’m Amy Fisher, the world’s most dangerous Jehovah’s Witness!

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@ETpro Nice twist.

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Police, we’ll bash down the door and shoot you, @ETpro.
How’s them apples?

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@reijinni The door’s made of depleted uranium. Have fun, nut careful, the ricochets can be a real bitch.

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@ETpro, we have some spare IEDs lying around and you have several exterior doors. We’ll blow up your house with you in it if we have to.

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My kids have graduated from knock-knock jokes to “what’s worse than” and dead baby jokes. Oh the joy!

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This one’s at the top of the Wikipedia Knock-knock joke page. I enjoyed it, or maybe I’ve just been away from knock-knock jokes for too long.

Who’s there?
Doctor who?
How did you know?

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