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Are there people you just don't feel like having fun with?

Asked by wundayatta (58625points) January 24th, 2013

I find myself watching some of the frivolity here and feeling unmoved to participate. I don’t know if I’m just not in a mood for fun, or if it isn’t my kind of fun, or if the people are people I don’t want to play with.

If there are people you don’t feel like having fun with, why is that? Please, nothing personal. Just the kinds of reasons that make you feel unamused by a person.

More generally, what puts you into a frame of mind where you do or don’t want to play?

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The banal
The predictable
The wordy
The sloppy paraphrasing

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Girls that want to have fun with the guys for the sole purpose of flirting with them. They’ll invite me along, but I just say no because I don’t want to be a part of that kind of “fun”.

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I only want to play when it’s truly funny, or like when you, ucme or coloma crack a good joke, people I know and like, if that makes sense.

After arguing religion half the morning for what turned out to be no reason at all, I am currently in the mood to use a punching bag for an hour or so or laugh really hard, one or the other.

So no pressure, but make me smile, W….please?! lol

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Those truly miserable buggers whose faces would most likely crack if they ever broke out a smile even, not worth the energy.

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I am not attracted to dull people who have no curiosity or intellectual interests.
It’s hard being an NT in an SJ world. I am all about stimulating conversation and humor and brainstorming ideas and am bored to tears with concrete thinkers that lack enthusiasm for learning. I am pretty well integrated these days and also cherish my peace and solitude, but IF I am going to seek out social engagements I want them to involve engaging people that have engaging personality styles, otherwise I’d rather be alone amusing myself.

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@ucme I second that emotion! Jeez…careful now your face might crack if you smile, god forbid! lol

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@Coloma They can’t smile because their heads are wedged up the crack of their arse!

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Ah, two of my favorite funny people, I could watch this dynamic all day…lol

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^^^ :-D

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Well shit…I was all primed to play…pffft! :-P

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@KNOWITALL Here’s me thinking you had good taste ;-}

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Knock knock
Who’s there?
Coloma who?
Colomas going homa now, this sandbox is boring lol

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Well if you’d share the freakin’ brownies we could start this party, C!!! :)

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@KNOWITALL Comin’ right up! I think @wundayatta needs a brownie high colonic! :-)

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I’m a dull boy today. Not amused. You can’t make me smile. Not one bit!

I’ll be honest, too. I’ll tell you if I smile.

Even in the elevator ride down to lunch today, a friend was talking in my ear, making all kinds of indecent proposals, and I didn’t laugh. Not once!

Have you ever done that, @KNOWITALL? You’re talking to a friend on the mobile, and you know they are in the midst of a crowd, and they aren’t one of those people who will say just anything in front of an audience, and you try to make them crack up?

@Coloma Your brownies would just put me to sleep, I’m afraid. There’s something else I need, but I don’t know what.

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I’ll play with all the kids on this playground, it’s the serious stuff I avoid. Seriously ;-)

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@wundayatta What’s wrong with you today then, you’re not usually apathetic, W?!
Not even laughing at indecent proposals, uh oh…. I hate phones, too, so I just try to get off as soon as possible.

@Coloma Has anyone on fluther ever had a get together? Just curious how that works.
I can totally see us all hanging out eating brownies, drinking some wine, and painting on wundayatt’s face while he sleeps….lol

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Thanks, @KNOWITALL. You just got a chuckle out of me. What would you paint on my face, anyway? My ass? ;-)

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@wundayatta “BOOB” or “WUSS” right on the forehead in permanent black marker. I mean if you can’t have a brownie without passing out, you totally deserve it. I think it’d be a riot, maybe this summer we can have a party in a central location….like uh….Missouri- lol

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There are people I just don’t want to be around period, so that would include having fun with them. The brainwashed, those who don’t think for themselves, people who have an iphone and an ipad….sorority girls with empty skulls. Young unappreciative people in general. Those with no regard for our environment or planet. Wasteful people. Ick.

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@KNOWITALL Pot also makes me horny as hell.

Just saying.

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@wundayatta Then getting messed up and hanging out with a bunch of girls should be right up your alley, mon petite chou…lol

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Judgmental people make me withdraw. Or, since we’re all inwardly judgmental to some degree, I guess the determining factor is when people allow their judgements to override their open-mindedness.

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What I just do not compute ( well I do, based on personality theories ) is HOW the HELL some people can drift through life with zero passion and curiosity for ANYTHING! I know a few people that have zero interest in ANYTHING! They don’t read, they don’t watch movies, they don’t have any hobbies, and ALL they talk about is their dreary daily chore list and complain about all the people in their lives. Makes me want to kill myself, right after I kill them. lol

@KNOWITALL LOL paint that wagon!

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I refuse to join this nonsense.

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I refuse to read any questions that go on and on and on. I know that people need to vent and wil do so for all sorts of reasons, but brevity’s the key to a message board. When I see a question that takes up my entire computer screen and then some, I just move along.

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Okay…you two officially fall into the un-playful category. Bah Humbug! :-p

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<- – Doesn’t play well with others (I dun like to share my toys, either).

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