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What is going on with Russian prime minister Dimitry Medvedev and his claims of aliens visiting planet Earth?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21611points) January 24th, 2013

I don’t know how much of this is true, or if this is all part of some hoax or something, as I have only found out about this some minutes ago, but here is what I have seen so far.

Russian prime minister Dimitry Medvedev, has allegedly told Obama, that it is time to tell the public about the existence of aliens visiting our planet, and has warned Obama that if they do not tell the public with him, he Dimitry and the Kremlin will make it public by themselves.

Apparently, this is all down to Dimitry and some comments he made after an interview, when he did not know he was still on microphone and camera.

I suspect this is part of some hoax, as I can’t find any reliable sources on any of the information. Occam’s Razor would seem to suggest this is all a hoax or bullshit of some kind, but what do you think?

Are aliens walking among us? Will there soon be an alien invasion?

Is this all part of some tabloid bullshit? is it a hoax? or is there some truth to the story?

Is it a joke? or is he just insane?

My opinion, based on the lack of reliable sources or general information is that this is a hoax being conducted by some basement dweller or prankster. However, I thought it would make a good question.

So, is there any truth in any of this?


Video of the president #1 (In Russian)

Video of the president #2 (English subs)

Dubious news article

Keep in mind, he has also claimed that the Russian version of Santa Clause is also real.

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You did catch the part where he says you can find more information in the “documentary” Men in Black?
He was obviously joking.

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That would be AWESOME but yes, obviously a joke.

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How old would this be even? Medvedev isn’t in charge over there anymore.

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@ragingloli When he talks about “Men in Black”, he could be talking about a documentary on aliens by the same name.

I am quite sure he is joking, and that others have then turned it in to a hoax, but still interesting.

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@tedd I have no idea, last time I learned anything about Russia and its goings on it was still the soviet union.

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We could all have our own little ET’s….fun fun!

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@KNOWITALL Well if I get my own ET, I’m not sharing my Reese’s Pieces with him/her. lol

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My secret is out. The alien invasion has begun!

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No, @burntbonez. We’ve had our eye on you, and we’re ready!


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We aren’t afraid of haarp.

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There’s no way to tell by any of that, but Medvedev isn’t the only leader/or former to speak of this. According to probility it is likely that intelligent life is abundant not only throughout the universe or the Milky Way, but even in our own neck of the woods. It is also a bit naive to limit the ability of aliens to reach our planet because of knowledge limited to our own theories of science such as in relativistic theories and the inability to move faster than light speed, considering that quantum theory clashes vividly with relativity theories. I’m sceptical, but open to Medvedev’s claims.

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