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Do you wash tee shirts before you wear them for the first time?

Asked by dookie (61points) June 10th, 2008

I just got my JellyShirt in the mail, which made me think of the question.

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Nah, I’ll just wear it. But underwear and bathing suits, thats another story

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no, i dont wash anything before i wear it, including underwear and socks

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Hell, I sometimes don’t wash them after wearing them.

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I typically wash it before wearing. Then again, I have very sensitive skin and am a germ freak. If it’s the Fluther shirt, I wouldn’t worry about it. If it is something not packaged (bought at, say Target) that someone else has potentially tried on…FORGET IT!

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I do, but only because they feel kind of stiff if you don’t wash them.

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Nope it always pissed me off when i was a kid, id get a new shirt and wanted to wear it but my mom would always make me wash them so i had to wait to show off my super spiffy new shirt.

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Oh yah, I finally remembered why it’s a good idea to wash clothes before wearing them the first time.

Formaldehyde has a very sharp odor, and sometimes new clothes that carry formaldehyde-based resins will give off a pungent smell until they are washed. Formaldehyde is also blamed for allergic reactions in sensitive people. If you are a person who suffers from allergies, it is a good idea to wash your new clothes once before wearing them.

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Most of my t-shirts I get online. So by the time they arrive, I can’t wait a second longer to throw them on and parade around like the king of cool.

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No! I don’t wash any of my clothes before wearing!

However, my wife has washed every piece of baby clothing before she lets baby-bulba wear them!

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I had the first Fluther shirt, and it definitely had a new shirt smell that would want washing.

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Most new garments emit formaldehyde and various esters due to the manufacturing process. Most people have some kind of reaction to these emissions.
Washing, drying, and ironing get ‘em out.
Another issue to consider is the cleanliness of the third-world sweatshop that produced your couture…
Please wash your clothes.

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I can tell ya one thing, clothes don’t become nicer by washing them.

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I wash every piece of clothing that comes into my house before anyone wears it. I am allergic to the “sizing” (starch) they add to keep it looking fresh during shipping and a longer shelf life.

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