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Snowball fights: What rules, if any, should be observed?

Asked by ucme (45477points) January 24th, 2013

Still thick of snow here in england town & a good excuse for lobbing snowballs at like minded folks. The more the merrier as far as i’m concerned, a right battle royale involving hoardes of game participants, fantastic fun.
There are certain “rules” to follow though, at least for me & they are as follows…

Never pick up yellow snow
Only throw at those prepared to play
Don’t toss at passing traffic
If someone gets hurt, particularly a child, see that they’re okay.

Other than that i’m good to go, so how about you?
If you see no reason to indulge in the pleasures of a good natured snowball fight then that’s fine, but don’t be blowing wind all over this thread, move on or you may get hit in the eye!!

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No rocks inside.
No ice chunks.
No intentional direct hits in the face. (That’d be my rule. I don’t imagine it’s a usual one.)

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@Jeruba Wise words, how anyone can place rocks inside, defies belief.

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Seen it happen. Been hit with them.

Also, use care with anyone who wears glasses.

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Bloody fools, always one who has to spoil things. My daughter was hit in the hand on the way home from school yesterday, these boys were way older than her & of all things a sliver of plastic was inside. Cut her finger slightly & was a little sore, but she’s made of tough stuff my little girl…bless.

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With fair fighters, though, and not the neighborhood thugs—yes, great fun. Even better if there’s the space and the snow supply to build opposing snow fortresses first.

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Yup, that would be my rule too. Take care when you make the snow ball that there aren’t ice chunks in it. No need to throw like a madman, either. If you’re doing it for fun, there’s no need to fling a snowball at 80747328 miles per hour in someone’s face. Even if it’s a nice soft snowball, it CAN hurt if you get it right in the eye.

Don’t toss at passing traffic.

:p Well yeah. You can get arrested for that.

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@Jeruba We all just use trees/walls/hedges/policemen to hide behind…far better to just man up Braveheart style & fling with freedom in the middle of a massive field.
@Symbeline Not around here, apparently. This gang of lads walk into the middle of the road & lob dozens of snowballs right into the windscreens of passing traffic, buses & big rigs mostly.
Call the police & all you get is “I’m sorry but were busy at the present time.”
So you see, I put that there for a valid reason smarty pants.

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Man, you crazy Englanders have no rules! XD Try that here, you can get in big trouble. :/

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I must stress that these are the minority scum, one bus driver stopped & gave chase…I hope he beat the shit outta them. His confused passengers just looked on in bemused horror XD

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I’m all for causing trouble, of course. lol But not causing trouble that could cause accidents…

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My basic rules are:

1. Don’t throw snowballs at people who don’t want to play
2. Don’t intentionally hide things like rocks, ice, etc. in a snowball
3. Don’t intentionally hit people in the face
4. If someone seems hurt or upset, make sure they’re okay
5. If someone wants to stop playing, respect that and don’t bother them

Though I’m not a huge fan of the snow, I don’t see the harm in a friendly snowball fight as long as there is no foul play!

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No yellow snowballs

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Not the face…you can scratch a cornea

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If there is a mixture of age groups then only stick to aiming at your own generation as an adult shouldn’t throw an absolute bomb at a child.

Also testicle shots are fair game is another rule. (but clearly only with guys)

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