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What is a funny/witty response to this statement?

Asked by mowens (8350points) January 24th, 2013

I wished someone good luck on an interview by stating “Watch out on your interview. Don’t get captured.”

His response:
I am emitting thanks in your general direction.

I was going to say something like ” Oh is that what that smell was.” Or “Ow, it hit me in the face you jerk!”

But I have had a rough day at work and cant tell if things are funny anymore. So what do you jellies think I should say?

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Your first response was funny.

I would have said, “oh, I thought you stepped in something. That’s coming out of you?”

(it all depends on how well your coworker takes jokes. Sound like he is a good guy.)

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A friend of mine used to say “Breathe through your mouth. They taste better than they smell.”

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Your first response was the best one so far.

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Until… :D

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I did the first one. Thanks everyone

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